Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vince "Gill", "Fin" McMissile, and Gary

Lucas got a fish tank for Christmas. Poor baby can't have any real pets. He is allergic to anything and everything with fur. We had to get rid of our cat and two dogs when he came along (it was sad, but well worth it. We wanted to keep him :)

Santa brought him a Spongebob fish tank for Christmas. He was very excited. Santa cannot transport fish however, so he asked Cagney and I to take Lucas to pick some out for his tank. We started out with an algae eater, three mollies, and a snail. I have never had a fish tank so I did not now that I wasn't supposed to put an algae eater in a 5 gallon. Apparently he needed more room and a bigger filtration system. In my defense, the chick in petsmart told me he would be fine. That was until he croaked the same night and I did my own research. RIP "Escalade."

We HAD a dalmation mollie too. I am not sure if he was sick to begin with or if he got sick from the algae eater. He croaked the next morning. RIP "Shark Bait."

This little guy above is Vince "Gill". Pun intended. My cool husband helped name this one.

"Fin" McMissile literally lives inside Squidward's house. Lucas named him because he is his favorite character on Cars 2. I am not sure if he is just moody or emo or what. He loves it in there and it may be because it is dark. Maybe he is depressed because his friend died? He is beautiful though. Bright orange with black fins. Maybe we will get a picture of him... one day...

Gary gets around. Here he is inside Spongebob's window.

My proud baby and his first pets! The three that are left seem to be doing just fine. He checks on them day and night like a good pet owner. I think his favorite feature is the cool new night light.



Amanda said...

How cute is he?

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