Monday, January 23, 2012

Move It Monday: January 23, 2012

I gained a pound this week. I am ashamed to even type that. It's nobodies fault but my own. I let too many "excuses" get in my way. After I made my goal list and vowed to meet goal one within two weeks I feel like a failure. I know you are not supposed to feel like a failure, it happens to everyone, blah blah... well, I do anyway. I feel like a failure because I want to lose weight more than I have ever wanted to complete ANYTHING in my life and I let myself down.

We installed hardwood in our kitchen all weekend. It was complete chaos and we had no table or anything. I let the simple fact that it was "easier" to order take out get the best of me. All I had to do was move some stuff around and I could have reached the stove. I also caved and had birthday cake at my Grampy's 73rd birthday party last night. smh.

I have my water jug ready to go. I am walking today rain or shine. It has been raining an awful lot the last several days. Paisley and I are headed to the grocery store this morning and I am not even going down the center aisles. I am going to have a good week. Even if it kills me!

This picture was a slap in the face for me. This is exactly what I need to remember:

I am off to make my inspiration poster I never got around to making this week. Imagine that. Are we seeing a pattern here??

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The Sauls said...

LOVE that picture. Had to save it to my computer :)

Everyone has bad weeks. Focus on it being a long term commitment, a lifestyle change, and it makes it easier.

Vanessa said...

I have had those weeks too (in fact about 8 in a row around the holidays)..and I know just how crappy it feels. Make today your new start, forget about yesterday-it is done & gone, the future is where it is at sista!!!

Ashley said...

You'll have great weeks. You'll have down right crappy weeks. BUT DO NOT GIVE UP! You CAN do it. We all get lazy now and then, but don't let it get the best of you. Keep your chin up!

Brenna said...

This is me too! I have not gained but I feel like I have been working hard but not seeing results- which is aggravating! I know I am exercising but the diet part is killing me! Hang in there!

Jamie said...

I try to shop the perimiter of the grocery store too! Hard sometimes, especially with kids. Good luck!

Kim said...

Now I would say did AWESOME for not having a kitchen all week! I wouldn't feel bad one tiny bit. :-) And that picture is so great...choose your hard. What a way to look at it!