Friday, January 6, 2012

New Food & Nails

I did a resolution post and in it I talked about how we wanted to start eating a lot healthier. We have been doing just that. So far so good. I do crave things though... mainly chocolate. But enough about that, here are some of the yummy things we have had for dinner:

We had an awesome grilled chicken salad. SO yummy.

These fajitas were flat out amazing. I may make them again next week they were so good. I will have to do a recipe post on them. I want to share the love!

We aren't the only ones trying new foods around here. Miss Priss had some green beans for lunch the other day. Doctor cleared her to start some solids. I am making her baby food myself. I just want to know exactly what is going in it. I love doing it too. There is something about knowing that you are giving your baby all natural food and that it is great for her. I think I just want her to have better eating habits than I do. Or even better than the boys. They try to eat awful and I try my best to get them to eat better, although they have been loving these healthier dinners more than us I think!

Here she is when she had her carrots for the first time. I think today we may try the batch of sweet potatoes I made her.

I am also linking up to a Nail Party today!

I did my own toes for Christmas (mostly due to Christmas budgeting). I found this on pinterest and thought it was festive and adorable. First paint your nails white. Completely white. Then cut very thin strips of blue painters tape and once the white is completely dry, put them across your nails in a candy cane like pattern. Then paint the red over your nails. Once the paint is GOOD AND DRY, you remove the painters tape and VOILA! Be sure to add a clear top coat. Simple and cute. Anyone can do this. Especially since I did it with a baby in my lap half way through (and I am horrible at doing my own nails).

I couldn't resist posting these cute little toes. We had our first nail painting session a few days ago and it was so hard with her being a wiggle worm but so worth it. Just look how precious!

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Alyssa said...

Wow!! Your toes came out great!! I wonder if I could get mine to come out that nice haha!

jennie said...

(a) That salad looks delicious!

(b) As IF you did your toes yourself. People in this linkup are so talented!

tara said...

your toes look fab! there is no way mine would look that good if i tried! thanks for linking up! :)

Christine Thomas said...

OMG! Love the candy cane toes!

Amanda said...

Please post and/or email me both recipes! :) Love ya!

Sara S said...

The salad looks great! Love the nails!

Sarah E. said...

Stopping by from the Nail Files link up - love your toes!! I'm putting off the nail art until I have the cahones. I'm sure I'd mess them up or not have the patience to finish the other 9 nails :P

And the baby toesies!! Too cute :) My daughter LOVES getting her nails painted.