Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jack-O-Lantern Night 2010

Monday night we carved our pumpkins, finally. We have been so super busy I didn't know if we would ever get around to it!
Lucas could have done this all day long. He loved sticking his hands in all the goo.
.... as you can see! :)
Blake was bouncing around so much I could barely get him in a picture. He was too busy playing with all the bugs that were attracted to the porch light.
Cagney trying to be a perfectionist.
My pumpkin is done mom!
Have I ever mentioned how photogenic Blake is? It's amazing..... ;)
Blake's skull pumpkin. It was supposed to be 3 skulls but Cag accidentally cut the one to the left out.
Putting the jack-o-lanterns on display!

Now I have two costumes to finish, and some other Halloween arts and crafts we are doing in the next couple of days! Can't wait til the weekend!


Monday, October 25, 2010

My sister's wedding.

My little sister got married yesterday. My parents are pictured above. Here are a few more pictures, but there should be more later:
My Grammy and Grampy.
My Nanny and Pawpaw.
The groom patiently awaiting his bride.
My boys were the ring bearers. Lucas hid his face behind the pillow the whole way down.
Boys again.
The beautiful bride and daddy.
Mr. and Mrs. at last!
The boys and I leaving the ceremony.

Like I said, more to come soon I am sure.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin'

We love going to the Pumpkin Patch. I don't think I could allow myself to just run in WalMart and grab their pumpkins. We have to go pickin'. The love it. Unfortunately, Blake was not with us this weekend. We wanted to go next weekend with him, but my sister is getting married, so no time. We let Lucas pick his pumpkin and he told Lucas what a great job he did. What a sweet big bubba.
We go to Carlton Farms. Have been there the last 3 years. It is close by and so neat.
I think Lucas had had enough that day. We had already been to Toy Story on Ice, and to watch the Air Show. He was beat, as were we.
The pumpkins they picked! Great job Lucas!
35 pounds worth! They can't wait to carve them.
His "baby" pumpkin he had to have. He does that every year, I don't know why he loves the small ones but I think it is cute.
Yes, my child is weird. Runs in the family...
We had mexican afterwards, and this pic was taken as soon as we sat down.
This one was when we were ready to head home. Poor guy he was a trooper most of the day!


Blue Angels

The Blue Angels. AMAZING. They are ridiculously skilled and put on such a wonderful show for the estimated 125,000 people that day!
I am so glad to say I was able to go and watch these guys in action. Lucas was amazed, despite the loud noise, he loved it. I wish my Grampy could have gone with us. He served in the Navy and is an amazing man.
Watching with his daddy. His shoulders are one of his favorite places to be now.


Toy Story 3 On Ice

My little man was so thrilled we finally went. He has asked me literally every day if that day was "the day". He is borderline obsessed with all things Toy Story (and Monster Trucks), so he was more than thrilled to find out we would be going to watch Buzz and Woody in "real life".
"I'm ready to go mom!" He even made it a point to inform me the night before that he HAD to go to bed early so he would not miss the show. I love it. And he loved the shirt I made him. I wanted him to have something different to wear and I think it turned out darling. Such a sweet boy!
Of course, we HAD to take Woody with us. He had a death grip on him the whole entire day. We got a Bullseye at the show and he hasn't put him down since we got it. All he needs is a Rex and his collection will be complete!
Lucas and I at the show. Our seat were right in the center and amazing. I am so happy I was able to take him to experience something like this. Especially while he is still so small, he thinks it was all real. He made it a point to shout and wave at each character individually. Precious.
Not a bad show for adults either. But what can I say? I am a sucker for anything Disney.

We left the show and went to watch the Blue Angels fly. Then we went to the pumpkin patch. Talk about a fun filled day. I will do a separate post on each of those as well.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Great Gazoo

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Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm Mommylicious

Lucas has a new thing. He randomly comes up to me and informs me that I am "mommylicious". He is "Lukalicious", Blake is "bubbalicious", Cag is "daddylicious"....

Pretty much add "licious" to the end of your name and that is Lucas' new name for you.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Lucas has a big boy room we just finished. It is baseball themed. Not all sports, JUST baseball. This took me months of finding ONLY baseball stuff, since everything has basketball and football on it as well. I also signed him up for his first year of t-ball this year. This is the last thing out of his mouth:

"Mommy can I play football instead of baseball next time?"

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bedtime Story

Bet you thought I would be reading it huh? Nope. My smart cookie little baby Lulu memorized this book word for word, and I only read it to him twice. I know it is only 4 pages but wow. He is so proud. Gotta love it.:)
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My kids and their weirdness...

Hey, they don't get it from me! NO WAY! I think they get it from their father... yeah yeah, Cag looks so calm and quiet all the time. Take two minutes out of your life and listen in on him playing with our boys. He goes from 26 year old Operations Manager and football obsessed dad, to a 3 year old that thinks the word "poot" is the funniest word in the world. But ya know what? He is the best daddy this world has to offer, just ask those kiddos of ours! We wouldn't trade him for the world.

Moving on, this is my 3 year old trying to say ravioli. Bless him, he says it "rabiloli". No matter how many times he tries. So stinkin' cute. This is the same 3 year old that just entertained a bus school full of elementary kids by peeing in the middle of the front yard while they were stopped at the neighbors house. He thoroughly embarrassed his big bro. OMG Blake is starting to get embarrassed??

Not this child.....

Yes friends, this is his "model" walk. He says that models always stomp around on runways, and this is his version. Notice the music noises and everything. I love this kid. This is the child that was so embarrassed. Love it.

I love my kids.


PS- WHY did I not know that the Real Housewives of Atlanta is back on? I have been watching for it forever and I have missed two episodes?? Thank God for DVR.

PSS- I had a dream that Ryan from Teen Mom was my BFF. We went to dinner together. It was not a date, we were just best buds. He is such a cutie, why does he have to be such a butt? Although I am starting to think after the finale last night that he wants Maci back!!!
At least this was better than my dream last week that me and Cag had replaced Sam and Ronnie on Jersey Shore. Oh yeah, and Cag was all beefed up and I even called him a "gorilla juice head" at some point in that dream. I was hanging with Snooki and he was hanging with the Situation. Doing the whole GTL routine and all. I wonder how long that dream actually was. Wow. I need to start going to bed earlier so I don't have so many strange dreams....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thank You Mr. Cox...

Thank you for 25 amazing seasons. You are truly a legend!