Friday, March 5, 2010

My typical day at home

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Today is Show us your Life Friday over at Kelly's Korner. I always love when she does these days, but have yet to participate myself, so this is a first for me! I just love Kelly's blog and look forward to her updates every day. Her baby Harper is so precious!

I am a stay at home mom to two boys, ages 2 and 8, so my day usually consists of being home. Sometimes we venture out to Target, or the park when it is warm (our favorite place since it is free), or the grocery store... but mainly we do free things since we are a one income family and I am all about saving money, especially here lately!

~4:15 am~
Hubby is up and getting ready. He is gone by 4:45.

~6:30 am~
Alarm goes off

~7:00 am~
I actually role out of bed. I feed my 8 year old breakfast and make sure he is dressed and looking presentable. Brush everyone's teeth.

~7:30 am~
We head out the door. The school is only about a mile from us, so we drop Blake off and come straight back home. This is when I fix breakfast for Lucas and I.

~8:15 am~
Lucas watches Noggin, while I have 2 cups of coffee and read blogs and check facebook and email! Great way to start the morning huh?

~9:00 am~
I usually make beds, do dishes, laundry, or just pick up in general. Lucas plays with his toys.

~10:00 am~
Lucas and I get dressed. When we stay home, getting "dressed" may consist of presentable track suit. HA!

~11:00 am~
We spend the next 2 hours or so either playing outside if it is warm, or playing indoors. Sometimes we do arts and crafts, and sometimes we read and play trains or something, just depends on his mood that day.

~1:00 pm~
Lunch time!

~2:15 pm~
Leave to pick up Blake.

~3:00 pm~
Blake does homework, while I straighten up again. Lucas takes a nap. I take this time to do any cleaning such as the bathrooms, dusting, etc.

~4:30 pm~
Lucas wakes up, and I start dinner.

~5:30 pm~
We eat dinner, and get ready for baseball if there is practice that evening.

~Depending on what time we get back from the ball field, or if we even go at all, bath time varies.

~7:30 pm~
Cagney usually gets home, or meets us at the ball park.

~8:30 pm~
Both kids go to bed. Cagney and I usually have about an hour after this to sit and talk alone.

~9:30 pm~
Cagney goes to bed. I catch up on my shows.

~11-12 pm~
I go to bed.

Not very interesting, but there it is!

Have a Blessed Day everyone!