Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baby Shower for Paisley

Paisley's shower was actually a few weeks ago and I am just now getting around to posting it. I know I am horrible. We have had a ton of stuff going on though. Anyway, mommy and daddy are pictured above. I was about 33 weeks in these pictures. I have grown since then. Didn't think it was possible but apparently it was.

Mommy at 33 weeks. Started swelling since then too. Not fun.

We were so blessed and had a great turn out. Paisley got so much wonderful stuff. She is definitely set with a wardrobe for the first year of her life. My favorite present of all was this beautiful cradle that my pawpaw made me. I had no idea he was doing this. Made completely by hand. My nanny made a beautiful pink quilt to put in it. I will be passing this on to Paisley one day when she has babies of her own. So special it made me cry.

Entry table. One of the maternity pics my mom took at the beach and the envelopes for people to self address for thank you notes. Best idea ever. My sister thought of it.

Absolutely precious cake. The lady made it to match her bedding.It was absolutely perfect and so yummy too.

Mason jars and the ice bucket.

My mom's friend Carla and her daughter made these centerpieces. Baby carriages made out of diapers. She is very crafty.

My Aunt and cousins made the diaper cake. I still haven't taken it apart and probably will not do so until I have to use the diapers.

Food table.

These balloons look just like her crib sheets. How funny.

The quilt on the back of the chair is part of her bedding too.

My friend Amanda made the favors. Cookies in mason jars.

Yummy punch with sweet little ducks floating in it.

Gift table. Like I said, we are incredibly lucky. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful family and friends. This baby girl has no idea how lucky she is.


Build a Bear for Sissy!

Today I took Lucas to do something for his baby sister that I had been promising since we found out we were having a baby. My mom, my sister and I took him to Build a Bear to make Paisley her very first stuffed animal. He got to pick everything. He was so excited.

He picked a cream colored bear.

He did the whole routine happily. Rubbed the heart everywhere (even on my belly) and made a special wish for his sissy that is making her debut in about three weeks.

We then had to bathe her of course.

She has on a Georgia cheerleading outfit. So appropriate. The one he made himself at Christmas had a Georgia jersey on it.

He named the bear Delilah. He is so random with picking names. Makes it all the more special.

Of course he got his way and brought one home for himself too. Nana was there, so I am not surprised. He chose a Braves jersey this time. Named his bear Buddy.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Beach Pics- Part Dos

MORE beach pics! Not that many though... Just a few I couldn't live without throwing in here...

Blake and his prized possession while we were down there...

Scuba Steve

What is it dad??

The Lucas photo shoot. He is such a HAM!

Pawpaw and his boys:

Like I said... HAM!

This is now framed and in my living room.

He finally let me pose him. This lasted two seconds.

...aaaannndddd..... LAST PIC. Sums up Lucas' personality!

We cannot wait for our first vacation as a family of five next summer. So excited!


Beach Pics- Part One

Vacation 2011 pictures! WARNING: Very long post of beach pics of my kids. Just in case you aren't as interested as I am! HA!

We will start off with pics of the two Scuba Steve's we took with us.

He had to be buried in the sand. He loved every second of it. We have some true beach babes.

"Mommy, look what I found!" This is one of a hundred pics just like this.

We looked for crabs on the beach. Cagney realized that in the pictures his flashlight looked like a light saber.

Looking closely for crabs.

I am not sure what was going on in this picture, but I just love it. Lucas is always on Blake's tail just like this. Just a step behind him...

What started off innocently as this:

Ended up as this:

Lucas thought Blake's board was awesome!

See? A natural.

Blake was on this thing for hours. I am not kidding people, we couldn't keep them out of the water. No pool for them. We spent maybe 15 minutes out of seven days there.

Pirate Mini Golf!! A blast for them, miserable for a seven month pregnant mama! (Totally worth it to see them have a great time).

Golf is not his strong point. HAHA! He got so mad when Lucas was beating him at one point.

Teach me daddy!

Break time. You could have seriously cut that air with a knife. My cankles were lovely when we left this place.

More with the boogie board...

They spent half the day each day just investigating. Mama stayed in the beach chair and watched.

Pawpaw and Lucas checking out their discovery...

If you have a kid with eczema like I do, make them lie on their belly in salt water if you ever get the chance. Works MIRACLES.

Love how the men match in their Buffett shirts and the boys match in their Braves gear.

Pineapple Willies had the most amazing balloon artist. He seriously was doing this stuff with his eyes closed practically.

We had to bury Blake.

This is the ONLY picture of mama and Paisley you will get at the beach this year. That is because you can only see belly up. HA!

As always, Lucas picked up a chick:

...and my honey did plenty of this:

Get ready for Beach Pics part dos. I took over 500 pics while we were there. Oops!