Thursday, July 11, 2013

My blog has been quite neglected the last few months. I promise I do have legitimate reasons, but I will not core you with them. I have three children at three various stages in life and boy have I enjoyed having this laid back summer with them.

We went to the beach, which was amazing. It was Paisley's first trip and she loved it so much that she has mentioned going back quite a few times. Luckily we have another short trip planned in a few months. We have swam our little hearts out until the rain hit about two weeks ago. It has poured and we have had to spend more time than we like inside.

I started my very own photography business! I am super excited about it. Who doesn't want to LOVE what they do for a living? I swore I would not go back to work until Paisley started kindergarten, but I just needed this for myself. It's great too. I will admit that this is the main reason that my blog has lacked so badly. All of my free "internet" time has gone straight to editing pictures (which I am very thankful for). :) Here is my photography blog, I am still working on my website: Enchanted Photography

Now we have only two weeks left in this summer and we head back to school! We are hoping to cram as many fun activities as we can into the next two weeks. One of which will be signing up for fall baseball! Oh, and in case you missed it in my Project 52 post for a few weeks ago, Paisley is signed up for gymnastics! Yay for us!

I have several home improvement projects coming up, so stay tuned. I want to document before and after pictures here. This Saturday I am going to attempt board and batten on my hall bathroom- by MYSELF. I hope my husband does not kill me by the time this is over!

Stay tuned!

Project 52: Week 27

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Most Laid Back 4th of July Ever!

I'm a few days late, but I honestly do not have much to say about this years 4th of July. We had big plans to head to the lake and let the kids play on a giant water slide while eating some amazing food with family and friends... but none of that happened. Instead, it rained ALL. DAY. It has rained for a week straight here and the 4th was no exception. I made a trip to Hobby Lobby with my mom and then went to the grocery store alone to get the ingredients for frito pies since there was no way to cook out. I did make a double chocolate Coca Cola cake for the first time and it was by far the best cake I have ever made. True Story. :) The rain let up just enough right after dark for us to go play in the drive way (the ground is a sopping mess) and watch some of the neighbors fireworks. We broke out the sparklers and took some pictures. 

The kids did not even wear their 4th of July attire because it was just a lazy, do nothing day... but they did put it on to head to my grandparents for another 4th of July cookout on Saturday. It rained SO hard the entire time so we just all sat under the awning and ate. I did not get any pictures of all the cute kiddos due to the rain and trying keep all of them contained. Maybe next year we will have some beautiful weather...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Project 52: Week 26

1. Someone signed up for gymnastics class!
2 & 3. They would fish every day of their lives...

Project 52: Week 25