Saturday, December 31, 2011

My "Totally Cliche" New Years Post

This is so typical of anyone getting ready for the new year. The only thing is, I fully intend to do this. Every single thing on this list. Not just do it for a week, or a month. The thing is every year I swear up and down I am going to stick to it and I never do (whatever "it" may be that year). All I can do is keep telling myself that it is time for a change. That I made myself a promise and it feels just as bad to let yourself down as it does to let down other people. Hopefully 2012 has great things in store for the Chappells.

1. MONEY. Yep, I said it. Just like everyone else in the world I am going to be better with my money. This year I don't think I have a choice and I have to be better with my money. Not doing so is really not an option and that is as deep as I care to venture into that topic, so.... next!

2. HEALTH. I refuse to type "lose weight." Of course that would be a nice added bonus but it seems that whenever I try and lose weight it never happens. I am trying a new approach. I want to be more active, but instead of forcing myself to do p90 videos I am going to start walking again. I LOVE walking. I did it a lot a little over a year ago. I even completed my first 5k. My kids enjoy going on walks with me. Paisley loves to sightsee. What in the world do I have holding me back? Oh, that's right... NOTHING. My boys play baseball and I was a pretty darn good softball player at one time so who says their dad is the only one that can get out and practice with them? Some of the wii games we have will whip your tail too. Plus they are fun to play! Win-win!

3. FOOD. I am not about to give a speech on how I am going to go on a diet. Those don't work for me just like "planning" to lose weight doesn't work. Cagney and I have been talking for weeks about how we are beyond excited to start a vegetable garden. We had a small one in 2010 and did not do one because I was ginormous pregnant this summer (2011). This year we plan to expand it and plant a ton of stuff. I am so so so excited about this I can't wait. I wish we could start it now. We are also getting some hens. The kids are excited to get some pets and I am excited to get some eggs. Hopefully we will have them by spring. I am thinking they would make a great Easter gift. I would like to get six. We have already named them: Dolly, Loretta, June, Patsy, Reba, and Tanya Clucker. You know the last one is awesome.

4. ORGANIZE. I say this every year and I really do hope to follow through. Cag is on board so I think this year may be a winner!

5. BEACH. I know I said we are doing a money makeover but I WILL take my sweet baby to the beach if only for a weekend. I want her to go as a baby. She would love it. Ocean sounds are her favorite.

6. PICTURES & VIDEO. My computer crashed last month and I almost lost all of my pictures and home videos. I thought I had for a full day and I had a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach and cried. Needless to say the first thing to be accomplished on this list is I will be transferring all of my pictures and videos onto DVDs. I could do a backup drive but the computer repairman says that those are never one hundred percent and I ain't taking any chances! He also says to put your pics onto DVDs instead of CDs because they will hold a ton more. This probably falls under organization and I wasted a whole paragraph, huh?

Maybe I should make a resolution to not ramble? :)


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Morning 2011

Santa came! Apparently my kids were good because he showed up! They were very excited!

Lucas' pile. He got a DSi, a bb gun, a fish tank, video games, a scooter, and a kite among a few other small things. Just what he asked for.

Paisley was too small to really ask for anything and honestly too small to play with anything, but we think this stuff will be so fun for her in the coming months. She got a Laugh and Learn house, a small kitchen, a tea set, holiday Barbie, and a few other little things.

Blake's pile. He got an iPod touch that he has been begging for months for, a skate board, helmet, some hunting stuff, and a docking station.

Running in to see what they got. It amazes me that Cag and I have to wake them up on Christmas morning. Lucas loves his sleep. When I was little I remember going down around three am and checking out everything. Not my kids, we woke them up around 7:30. Blake was already awake, but then again he always is!

Lucas checking out his stuff. Out of all that cool stuff he picked up the Monster Trucks first. Go figure.

Blake checking out all of his things.

Lucas looking at Bikini Bottom. He got a Sponge Bob themed tank. It now has fish in it and we will have a whole other post on that later.

Paisley was so cute. She just looked at all of her things. She was amazed.

She got some pearl earrings and plenty of nail polish in her stocking.

Blake reading his Ripley's book. His favorite gift we gave him.

Lucas and his favorite present from mom and dad: Cars 2 and matching house shoes.

Can you see him?

Paisley opening gifts from mommy and daddy.

The last gift they opened. Two small bags and each contained a monster truck. Hint: we are going to Monster Jam in two weeks! WooHoo! This always falls in January where we live so they usually get tickets for Christmas. Lucas can't wait!

That's not all. There is more Christmas stuff to come.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Paisley is Four Months Old!

Paisley you are four months old! This month has flown by faster than any so far with you. We have done so much this month it is crazy! We have enjoyed every experience we have had with you and look forward to many more to come.

We went to the doctor for your four month exam. You weighed 13 lb 6 oz. You are in the 85% for your height, 50% for your weight, and your itty bitty head is in the 5% range. At least you don't have a huge melon. If you turn out to have hair like me honey, it will take care of it for you.

This is a coat from your Nana and Pawpaw. You wore it on Christmas and looked precious in it. You looked like you were straight from Paris.

Speaking of Paris, you love Beauty and the Beast. You will watch it wide eyed in your bouncy seat when I am doing chores.

You don't look like this very often, but when you do you let the world know. Your lungs have definitely developed well.

You attended your first NFL game. We went to the Falcons vs the Jaguars. The Falcons won by a long shot. Maybe you were there good luck charm,

Sleepy head.

Your naps have gotten better and better. You depend on them, but that's okay because so do I.

We went back to church this month too. This is you that morning. Our music in service can be kind of loud but you did great. Up until the pastor started and I had to walk out with you. But that was okay because you quieted down and slept the rest of the service like a good girl.

You had your first Christmas tree in your room. We did a candy theme. It was precious.

We also put you in your Jenny Jump Up for the first time. I knew you wouldn't be bouncing just yet, but you sat in it and spun around and had a blast anyway.

You love to spend time in this carrier with your daddy whenever we go places now. I wore it to your brothers Christmas party at school and you didn't make a peep. This picture was at your very first Christmas parade.

You had a ball opening presents too. Nana and Pawpaw got you this car and you loved it so much. I knew it would come in handy since your brothers are about to start baseball again. We will be making lots of trips to the ball park and this beats a stroller every time.

This was the first time you saw out tree all lit up. Priceless.

You also had your first trip to the zoo. You weren't too into it just yet. Mainly you just slept in the stroller but you did ride the merry go round with some friends.

Still loving the bumbo... and Sofie...

You were absolutely previous in this Christmas dress. I had them put your monogram on it. I love little smocked dresses and I am sure you will wear lots more in the coming years...

You met Santa! How exciting!

Santa came to see you too. You can't play with very much just yet but soon enough you will be into all of this.

We took some Christmas pictures with your brothers.

You guys are my heart. My babies. My life.

Just look at how big you have gotten. It is getting to be a little much. I love you so much baby girl.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Away in a Manger...

Lucas and Blake had a date with Grammy and Grampy. Can you guess where they went? They said it was a very cute movie and they loved spending time with the great grandparents.

Timmy has been in the cookie jar...

Lucas made some Christmas art. First he made some lights out of his thumb prints.

Then he made a PRECIOUS picture.

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.
-Luke 2:11


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Reason for the Season...

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.
-Luke 2:14

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

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