Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Santa pic 2010

This is our Santa picture this year! Taken with my cell since I have no scanner. Getting ready for Gatlinburg be back soon!
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone.

I of course have not had time to load any pictures or video from Christmas yet, being we just got settled and it is Christmas night. It has probably been the best Christmas I have ever had this year. I don't know what it is about it. Maybe seeing my babies faces light up, not being as stressed as usual, finding out that our family of four is next Christmas going to be a family of five.... or the fact that it is the first WHITE Christmas here in 130 years!

Just don't forget the real meaning. The birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Without Him we would be nothing.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

The best Christmas present ever...

This year, we got the most wonderful Christmas present we could have dreamed of. Our family will be completed in August of 2011:

I am beyond excited. I knew I wanted one more and I feel so blessed to have had it happen so fast. Everyone says it is time for a little girl. but I honestly don't care either way. It would be so mice to even out the hormones in this house but there is nothing like being a mama and having a little boy!

I probably will not be around til after Christmas and maybe New Years since we are going out of town. Yay!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Christmas. OH!, and a Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Joseph the Georgia lovin' reindeer...

My sister took Lucas to Build-a-Bear for Christmas and let him make whatever he wanted. He chose Rudolph. Except he isn't really Rudolph. He named him Joseph (or "Jofes"), and put a UGA shirt on him. Gotta love the creativity. Merry Christmas!
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Let the Christmas festivities begin!

We started the Christmas activities this weekend. My nanny and pawpaw's and then my Grammy and Grampy's.

Blake received a flat screen for his room from my parents. It is a 19 inch with a dvd player and you would have thought they had given him a 60 inch, 3D television. He was beyond thrilled!

Lucas got a Toy Story 3 set of "potatoe heads" from my aunt and loved it. He has played with it all day today, along with his Little People farm my Grammy gave him.

Little Brayden opening the Mickey Mouse we got him. He is my cousin Christy's baby, and is 4 months old. He loves MIckey Mouse Clubhouse and I found this Mickey and had to buy him! He is a "Pook-a-Looz". I had never heard of them before but they are beyond precious!

Just wanted to add a few pics of the kids opening gifts. You know there will be WAY more to come! At least this way they aren't all jammed into one big long post. Have a wonderful Christmas!


Blake's school Christmas Party

Last Friday, Blake had his class Christmas party. It was their last day of school before Christmas break for TWO whole weeks. (We get to go to Gatlinburg again, woohooo)!

Blake and his proud little brother. He wanted everyone in the room to know that he was there for Blake and no one else. I can't wait to show them this when they are older and not getting along. Maybe I will be lucky and they will never fight. You know, since they never do now... haha! Right....

Blake had a blast. It is hard to believe that next year he will be a fifth grader. Where does the time go? I remember taking him in to his first day of pre-k. Lord please slow the time a little.


Family Photo Shoot

This is SO late, but we had family photos made in November. I picked them up a couple weeks ago and could not be happier with them. We were giving some as Christmas presents and now I get to order some for my house. It is going to be so hard picking. These are actually only a few of them. She took so many. We had a wonderful photographer. I will link her at the end of this post.

My big boy that is about to turn four years old in a couple of months. I cannot believe it and I do not want to talk about it. It makes me very sad. :(

Frame worthy for sure. Aren't they all though?? AHH!

The faded wall behind us used to clearly read Coca-Cola. In my opinion, places like this are the best places to take photos. Screw a back drop.

Anyone think my husband missed his calling? I am fairly certain he should have cheered in high school rather than playing football. I mean what white man jumps that high?? HA!

How beautiful is this color blue? Amazing.

Couple shot! We have not had a good picture made of the two of us since our wedding five years ago. I am so glad she did this.

My Muffin!

I think this one is a definite in the living room.

My favorite of the two of them together~ perfect.

Blake looks like he does this for a living. I didn't think he could keep a straight face, but kid is like a pro. No lie, tell me that is not gorgeous?!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When I said I do, I mean't that I will...

Friday, December 10, 2010, I had the absolute privilege of watching my Grammy and Grampy renew their wedding vows on their 50th wedding anniversary. They are such an inspiration to me. I am so glad that I was able to be there for their special day, and to see how happy they still are.
The whole extended family traveled to the Great Smokey Mountains. We had a blast. This is just our little section of the familia of course. Trust me, there are way more of us.
My poor baby is so allergic to animals. He has to stare at them through doors lol. Bless him.

We go back in two weeks to Tennessee! I am so excited. It will just be the four of us and my friend Amanda and her family will be there as well. Can't wait!