Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Carving of 2011

We carved our pumpkins on Sunday. Cagney does it with them every year and I sit and watch him! He gets so aggravated because he likes to be a perfectionist. But don't we all? Check out Blake's reaction to the pumpkin guts!

He picked a grim reaper for Cagney to carve. He wanted a haunted house that had a thousand tiny windows and Cag said NO WAY.

I love the look on Lucas' face when he first felt the goo...

His favorite part was cleaning the inside out. Such a boy.

While they cleaned and carved, I held Paisley and she snoozed til it was her turn.

Lucas picked two happy ghosts. He said they weren't too scary.

Ew daddy, this stuff feels gross. I am a girly girl already, you know this! HAHA!

By the time he was done with hers she was out again. We did a "P" in the center (which as you can see was an epic fail), and did her hands on either side of it. Not bad for her first pumpkin!

The pumpkins all lit up.

All three on display. Cagney said we can never have another kid because then he would have to carve four of these and that is just not happening! Love his reasoning, lol.

Everyone with their pumpkins. We carved them four days ago and are already about to throw them out. It should not be 75 degrees every day this late in October! It makes the pumpkins rot faster!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paisley is Two Months Old

Miss Paisley is two months old! I can hardly believe it baby. You are growing way too fast for my liking. I know one day I will look back at these pictures and think of all these little memories with you. It makes me so sad that time is going by so fast. That's why I am treasuring every second with you while you are still little.

At your two month check up you weighed in at 11 lb 5 oz. You are now 23 inches long. You are in the 75th percentile for both height and weight. Your tiny head is in the 25th percentile. I think it is so cute! :) The doctor gave you a clean bill of health. Says you look perfect, but we already knew that.

You not only smile now, but you giggle like crazy! You cackle all the time. This was at Lucas' Fall Festival at school. You had just as good a time as all the other kids!

You got earrings this month. You did so good. I was so scared and made daddy hold you, but you are tough. Just like with the shots. You get it from your mama ;) Daddy is still head over heels for you. He gets wrapped tighter every day. He loves his baby girl.

You carved your first pumpkin. Daddy carved a "P" in the center and we traced your hands on either side and carved them out as well.

Your brothers are in love with you too. Lucas' new thing is reading to you. He loves it. Blake is very gentle with you and Lucas thinks you can run around with him.You are a much better sleeper now. For the most part you sleep through the night. You take two naps a day. One in the afternoons for about 2-3 hours. That is when I try and get some things done.

What a difference two months makes. You grow more and more into your own little self every day. I love you sweet baby!

Love, Mommy

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A certain baby girl in our house got some new jewelry this past weekend. Her daddy has been wanting to get this done since we walked out of our gender ultrasound. No lie. We got in the car and he said, "How old does she have to be to get her ears pierced?"

So naturally, I made him hold her. I do shots. By myself. The least he could do was spare me having to hold her down so they could poke holes in her ears. The lady pretended t do daddy's ears first.

Here we go...

It looks way worse than it was. She whined for MAYBE ten seconds on the first ear and this picture was taken after the second one was done. She whined for a minute on that one, but never did shed a tear over it. She took it like a woman. She's gonna be tough like her mommy. They look so precious too. SO worth it, don't know what I was worried about!

My sweet baby is growing way too fast. I wish she would slow down just a tad! Now earrings, next prom... :(


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Feet

We made a craft for Halloween! I've seen this around blogland and had to recreate. Biggest to smallest: Blake, Lucas, and Paisley. Notice we added a bow? I couldn't resist! ;)


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Friday, October 21, 2011

Caramel Apples

Last might the boys and I made caramel apples. Yep, we did it the lazy way. No homemade stuff for us. I did this with two kids and while watching a two month old, so I think I did okay to even do this! HA!

Lucas is demonstrating wrapping the caramel around his apples. This was so easy and mess free. My kind of deal.

Ready to bake them.

Now Blake is making his. They made five each.

Pop them in the oven for ten minutes and VOILA!

Paisley thought the boys were so funny.

She is well entertained.

So proud of their job well done.

Ready to chow down!

Mmmm... I think we have a new favorite!

It kept getting stuck in their teeth.

We have more fall activities planned for the next two weekends. I can't wait! :)


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Love...

I love these pictures of sweet baby girl and her beautiful baby blues.

I love these pictures of my husband being nothing but a big kid with my little kiddies.


Fall and Family... pics

We attempted some family pictures this weekend. We went right before our trip to the pumpkin patch. I tried to plan it before everyone was worn out and ill, and right after lunch so nobody was starving. (These boys are hungry ALL the time). My mom took the ones of all five of us for me. I was so glad to finally have a picture of us as a family of five.

We went to my Nanny and Pawpaw's house to make them. I didn't want a fancy background, just some leaves and maybe their lake.

I think these crocheted hats with bows are so precious. Unfortunately, it seemed to annoy her all day long. She has the smallest head, even for a two month old, so it kept sliding over her eyes.

More leaves in this one. It is so hard to get two kids and a baby to all cooperate at the same time. Well I guess they better figure it out soon because I LOVE to take me some pictures. Especially of my babies.

Blake was posing. Turned out to be a really great picture of him.

I love how they are all actually looking. I couldn't believe it!

I had to post this because I thought it was so funny. My pawpaw has about twenty goats. They all heard us and came stampeding down to where we were. The kids almost had a heart attack when they heard them (they aren't scared of the goats, they were just startled). Wish I could have captured a picture of their faces. The rest went on about their business but this one stopped and posed right between the boys. My grandparents spoil them, I swear they think they are human!

Oh Lucas, Lucas, Lucas... He has the most precious grin and has always cooperated. Not that day. He still looks adorable, but he kept smiling with just his mouth instead of the rest of his face.

Little man!

The boys in front of the muscadines. Cag brought home a HUGE bucket full and is going to make wine apparently. I'll let you know how that goes... ha!

My sweet boys. They really do love eachother, but I swear they argue so much lately. It's the age difference. I know how it is being five years apart in age, and they're six years apart. Me and my sister are really close now though, so I have high hopes for these two. Especially since they already love eachother when they think you aren't looking ;)

Paisley in her new fall boots! HAHA!

We had a little shooting practice since we were there. Two Thanksgivings ago, we shot every gun he owned I bet. If you knew him, you would know that took all day!

Just had to throw this sign in at the end. My nanny has a green house and this sign is beside the door. If you knew HER, you would know how perfectly this suits her!