Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pinspirational Wednesday!

It's Wednesday, which means it is time for some pinspiration!

I don't have a theme again. I am all over the place on pinterest and it is hard for me to stick to just one topic. ADD much? Well here are a few of my favorites from this week:

LOVE the island in this kitchen. We are about to start redoing my kitchen (starting with some beadboard, yay) and I am dying for an island like this. I would stain mine though instead of painting it black. ONly because I am going for a neutral color theme of whites and browns...

This sink would complete the look I am going for... for sure.

When Paisley gets a little bigger I WILL have a wonderful picture of all three of the kids made and do this. It is so pretty.

Speaking of the kids, I am in love with these letters for their play room. They're printable and I am planning on putting these in some dollar store frames and hanging them on one of the walls in there.

Such a cute sign.

We are finishing the mud room and I am thinking that this is a must.

After making my trash bag holder out of a formula can, I am thinking that this is a MUST for baby girl's room.

Call me immature but I laugh every single time I see this.

Can I get an AMEN??!

....and another AMEN??! hehe

Well, until next week....

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Jessica said...

That headband holder is so cute!
Too bad I have oh, maybe 2 headbands lol


Cheryl E. said...

Oh my gosh all your pins are either amazingly gorgeous or hilarious! I have the big frammed pic pinned too. I wantt to do something like it too in our house. Isnt it so perfect! Great pins!!

Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!


Kristina said...

Haha! The teen mom pin is so funny. I'm just as immature. I totally laughed at that one too!

Hannah said...

I saw your first picture and thought I might fall hard for your kitchen. Then I saw that you want it, too. ;) I found you through Flip Flops and Pearls. Have a great day!

the girl in the red shoes said...

I love all of these pins! I always get ADD with my pins too....so much cute stuff!

Amanda said...

These are your best pins yet! I might have to steak your vintage letter idea for our playroom, I hope you don't care ;) Also love the headband holder, island and kitchen sink!!!

jessica said...

i love all your pins.
definitely the picture frame thing, that is gorgeous! you should definitely do that with your munchkins!

Jessica said...

LOLZ. Great pins! I love the 'unless you're god or george strait' sign. that keep calm sign may be thebest one I've seen yet. AMEN.

Ashlyn said...

That first picture I amazing -- love home pins! I get so many inspirations from them! & what a cute picture frame!

Happy Wednesday
xoxo Ashlyn


Jamie said...

I am going to do the headband holder too!

*Ross and Katy* said...

Stopping by from FF&P!

I have to admit-the "boots" picture is why I opened up to see you blog-LOVE IT! I think we need one for our mud room too :)

and you can get a BIG DOUBLE AMEN on those last pictures!

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

LOL! The Vampire Diaries! LOVE that show and the boys that make it so amazing! And that island in picture #1 is AMAZING! I want :)

Hope you have a great night!


Lori said...

That island and sink are to die for! LOVE THEM!

Brianne said...

Totally repinned the mud room quote. Love it!

Heather said...

That last one is so true! And that first kitchen is to die for. Loving your pins!

Trish said...

Loved your pins. The last two cracked me up!

Donna said...

Ha Ha I love the keep calm I hid their shirts one! And love that kitchen!!! xox