Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Wednesday People!

Time for some pinterest!

I have been wanting a table to go with Paisley's kitchen so that when she gets old enough to play with it she would have a dining table. I wanted a farmhouse table and I think a coffee table and benches like this may be just the thing!!

Want a kitchen like this someday...

Wonder if I could talk Cagney into doing this...

We have to do this in their playroom. It is getting a makeover this year anyway!

LOVE the braided headbands. I am so making these with some leftover fabric.

Super cute.

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

Gotta love Friends...

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

This looks amazing... and I am ready for summer!

I am officially in love with this man! I am so excited to watch them play this weekend. That says a lot, I tend to let Cag watch football alone...

I mean the hate towards this man baffles me. Literally. How could you not love him? Especially after watching the above.

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Life in Dawleywood said...

I am loving all of these, especially the little farmhouse table, precious! And I pray every day for my daughter to marry a man like Tim Tebow, lol!

Running in Pearls said...

Thanks for stopping by :)

I LOVE that chalkboard table idea!! Also, I'm dying at the "Friends" FB hahahaha

Chappell of Love said...

Its so funny I told my husband I pray for the same thing!

Leah @ LeahMarieV said...

Love these!! The first pin is my fave. I'd love to try those headbands too - let us know how they turn out if you make them!

Pamela said...

I seriously love all of your pins, ha! Everything is too cute, including Tebow ;) ha!

Ashley said...

bla haha the friends facebook is awesome!!!

Amanda said...

We pray for the same thing for Finley! I love Tim Tebow too!

We need to do the table project together!

& I love the outfit!

Jessica said...

hahaha the Friends thing cracked me up!
That's my favorite show to this day :)


Kodie said...

The Friends one is AMAZING!! And I read each of those in each person's voice :)

Tim Tebow is a great person, don't get me wrong, but I think he's a tad over rated. Saw Denver play the Packers in Oct (Go Pack!) but I don't think he played (had I realized who he was I would have gotten a picture).

Vanessa said...

I love that outfit too!