Sunday, January 29, 2012

Move It Monday: Januray 30, 2012

This week has been alright. Nothing wonderful, nothing horrible. Better than last week. We have been doing some home improvement projects and my husband got kidney stones, so it was a little crazy. We did great on food until this weekend. My nieces birthday party was Saturday and we ate out every meal on Sunday. Awesome.

We have the Power 90 DVD and I have started it before but never finished. My husband wants to do it with me this time. He wants to start tomorrow (baseball coaching meeting tonight), but I wanted to start today. I don't know what it is but I have had the annoying dull pain in my left arm since yesterday around 4 pm. Almost like I strained it but I don't know how. So I am unsure if I will begin today or not.

I am also doing the c25k program. I just started last week. I did day one and then hubs got kidney stones so I had no one to watch the kids to do the other days. He seems to be feeling better now so maybe this week I can get going on that some more.

I have to say, I battled between getting a chicken biscuit this morning and making myself a bowl of Special K (my son's school is right near a Chick fil A). I opted for the Special K. Yay me!! Baby steps... ;)

I have discovered a few motivating songs to work out to. Thought I would share. Maybe we can all share our running playlists one day soon?

1. Til I Collapse (Clean of course)- Eminem
2. Boom- Nelly
3. Party Rock Anthem- LMFAO
4. Firework- Katy Perry
5. Single Ladies- Beyonce

I am not a big rap fan, but Eminem pumps me up. He has such a dirty mouth though. I have to get the clean versions of course. I have three kiddies with me always.

I'll leave you with this:

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Duh, Pinning!

This week I saw a lot of cute Valentines stuff. If you have kids, you will appreciate these first five. If not, keep reading. There's stuff for you too! :)

A craft for baby girl for Valentines Day.

Doing with all the kids. So sweet....

Cute for Lucas to give family.

Doing this for his teachers... sweet!

I literally cannot wait to make these for his class. They don't do Valentine swaps at the public schools anymore (lame), so pre-k is his only chance!


Isaiah 40:31. I want a tattoo on my wrist of this verse. Cag says I am lame.

Simply amazing.

I ordered this color the other day. It will be precious for Valentines Day. OPI- Mod About You.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Paisley is Five Months Old

Paisley, you are five months old already! My goodness I am so sad that this precious time with you is moving so fast. On the other hand I am very proud of you. You are growing into a sweeter, more precious baby girl every day. I could not be prouder to be your mommy.

I have not weighed you in a little bit, but I imagine you weigh maybe a little over 14 pounds now. Your feet are long and your head is still tiny. :) You are wearing a six to nine months clothes. Still not a ton of hair yet but what hair you do have is getting a little longer. I have to trim your nails every other day due to them growing so quickly and they hurt like crazy!

You had your first taste of food this month. You started with green beans and to my surprise, you loved them. You have loved everything I have given you so far. You are partial to pears and peaches though. I am making your baby food and I enjoy doing it. Especially when I see how much you enjoy it.

This is you on your first trip to the ball field. Between your two brothers, this will be our second home in the coming months. Be ready baby!

You had your toes painted for the first time ever. I think we have to do it again soon. Your daddy is more into it than he will admit. :)

Such a big girl playing outside with your brothers. You think you are their size already and don't let anything hold you back. You are fearless.

Your fingers STAY in your mouth. I have been convinced you were teething for a few months already just because you chew on everything. Your fingers are the newest thing you chew on. I guess they never fail, being permanently attached and all.

You love to play now. I loved watching you get better at grabbing and squealing. You will sit and play like this for about five to ten minutes...

...then you look like this! HA! You keep me busy.

You will play for a little longer than that if I sit you in the high chair. That's because you are sitting up and not missing anything. You like to know exactly what is going on.

Bath time is another favorite. You kick and kick and kick. You kick until you get water in your eyes, shake it off and keep kicking. Then you squeal and laugh...

You are lucky enough to have two cousins that are only a week apart from you. You were born on the 23rd and they were both born on the 30th. You like to play at family functions with Grace and Colton.

Grab. grab, grab is your favorite thing to do. You get better at it every day.

You found your feet as well and use them for anything and everything. I can't keep your socks on anymore.

I love this face, you make it constantly now. You pucker your lips up and I could just melt!

I love you sweet baby girl. Slow down a little for me...



Monday, January 23, 2012

Move It Monday: January 23, 2012

I gained a pound this week. I am ashamed to even type that. It's nobodies fault but my own. I let too many "excuses" get in my way. After I made my goal list and vowed to meet goal one within two weeks I feel like a failure. I know you are not supposed to feel like a failure, it happens to everyone, blah blah... well, I do anyway. I feel like a failure because I want to lose weight more than I have ever wanted to complete ANYTHING in my life and I let myself down.

We installed hardwood in our kitchen all weekend. It was complete chaos and we had no table or anything. I let the simple fact that it was "easier" to order take out get the best of me. All I had to do was move some stuff around and I could have reached the stove. I also caved and had birthday cake at my Grampy's 73rd birthday party last night. smh.

I have my water jug ready to go. I am walking today rain or shine. It has been raining an awful lot the last several days. Paisley and I are headed to the grocery store this morning and I am not even going down the center aisles. I am going to have a good week. Even if it kills me!

This picture was a slap in the face for me. This is exactly what I need to remember:

I am off to make my inspiration poster I never got around to making this week. Imagine that. Are we seeing a pattern here??

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Thursday, January 19, 2012


It will be the death of me.

That is all.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pinspirational Wednesday!

It's Wednesday, which means it is time for some pinspiration!

I don't have a theme again. I am all over the place on pinterest and it is hard for me to stick to just one topic. ADD much? Well here are a few of my favorites from this week:

LOVE the island in this kitchen. We are about to start redoing my kitchen (starting with some beadboard, yay) and I am dying for an island like this. I would stain mine though instead of painting it black. ONly because I am going for a neutral color theme of whites and browns...

This sink would complete the look I am going for... for sure.

When Paisley gets a little bigger I WILL have a wonderful picture of all three of the kids made and do this. It is so pretty.

Speaking of the kids, I am in love with these letters for their play room. They're printable and I am planning on putting these in some dollar store frames and hanging them on one of the walls in there.

Such a cute sign.

We are finishing the mud room and I am thinking that this is a must.

After making my trash bag holder out of a formula can, I am thinking that this is a MUST for baby girl's room.

Call me immature but I laugh every single time I see this.

Can I get an AMEN??!

....and another AMEN??! hehe

Well, until next week....

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Monster Jam 2012

Monster Jam is a tradition with our boys. Every Fall I purchase tickets, so that every January we can head to the GA Dome in the freezing weather and watch the show. Lucas' entire life revolves around Monster Jam. He has been in love with it since we took him to his first show two years ago. He has a HUGE collection of all things Monster Jam. Here are the boys before the show. We stopped for dinner. We always do, I refuse to pay for dinner at an event like that. It's outrageous and I guess I am just cheap that way.

The night before the show, Grave Digger "The Legend" was at a Little Caesars that was having a grand opening in a shopping center about five minutes down the road from us. Of course when we heard we got there as fast as possible.

Lucas made a poster this year. He was very particular about what trucks we had to print and what it needed to say. Now he wants to hang it in his room.

We usually go to the Party in the Pits which is where you can meet the drivers and see the trucks up close and personal. This year it just wasn't in the cards for us. We had to drop Paisley off with my mom and an all day event just wasn't gonna happen.

He cracks me up holding his ears. It IS loud but he refuses to wear headphones or ear plugs.

His Grinder banner he got at the show. It's going in his room too.

Madusa was my favorite truck. Of course because she was the only female and it was hot pink!

Grinder was amazing. He did two flips and kept on going...

Adam Anderson in Grave Digger "The Legend"

Dennis Anderson in Grave Digger. It was a celebration of his 30th year driving Grave Digger. Pretty neat.

I case you are wondering how I know all of this, it's like I told you, my kids eats, sleeps, and breathes this. We watch the World Finals DVD at least once a day.

All in all we had a blast and can't wait until next year! :)