Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some Inspirational Pins!

I wasn't really up to doing a post at all today. I realized my sweet girl turned eight months old two days ago and I had still not made a post for her yet. I had to do it. So glad I did. I figured I would do that instead of posting a Pinterest post. Then I thought about a certain board I had that needed some love. So, here goes:

Perfect for today!

I think I need this shirt! For sure!

Love, love, love this song!

Couldn't have said it better...


One of the most awesome songs ever!!!

Awesome advice!


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Paisley is 8 Months Old!


My sweet girl is 8 months old. Every month I am more amazed with this little blessing. I always wanted a daughter and you have made me so happy Paisley. I cherish the time I have with you while you are so small. I hate to see you grow so fast, yet you fascinate me every day with all the new things you pick up on. According to our home scale you weigh . That is probably not the most accurate, but it will do for now.

 This month you celebrated two things with your big brother. His first birthday and his Easter Egg hunt at school. You wore your adorable Easter bow I bought you and I couldn't believe it. Most of the picture I have of you lately with a bow on are only because I put it on your head and snap away very quickly. I cannot get you to keep a bow on for more than about two minutes. I am hoping that you outgrow this very quickly. I LOVE your sweet little bows.

 This is your new favorite toy. It is the only thing I have ever been able to put you in and you not cry after five minutes. You love to bounce up and down. You will stay in this as long as I am in sight and if I venture too far you get upset. Then there is usually no recovering from that so I wind up having to take you out. HA!

 Your daddy was very proud at Lucas' birthday party. He picked this dress out for you the night before at the store and made sure that everyone there knew it. He loves you so so much.
Your brother insisted on having his picture made with you in the big birthday chair. You have two very proud brothers Miss Priss. They are not the least bit embarrassed to talk baby talk to you. Blake doesn't care about being cool when you are around in front of his friends. You are extremely adored...

 You playing with your cousins Colton and Grace. I cannot wait to see how the three of you interact as you get older. Although we all want you to stay tiny as long as possible.

 Peter Cottontail came to visit you for the very first time. You got a cup and snack bowl, some bath toys, your first bikini, some onesies, a purse teether, and some peeps.

 You might take after me just a little already. Your daddy helped you hunt some eggs and you were very proud every time you found one. You would hold it high and smile and squeal.

 The dress you wore on Easter may be the most precious outfit I have seen you in yet. You looked gorgeous and so very sweet.

 Bath time is your favorite time of the day. We do it in the sink and the tub. You splash and splash until you start to get cold. Even then, when I take you out you cry every single time. I am hoping that this means you will like the pool this summer.

 Nap time is a must for you. If you do not have enough sleep you let the world know it. This makes for some difficult days sometimes though. You are a light sleeper and fight sleep like no other.

 The park is a favorite of yours still. As long as you are outside you are so happy.

 We started puffs and yogurt bites. You love them. Usually when I cook dinner I am feeding you these to keep you occupied...

You love to play all sorts of games. It is so funny because you make them all up yourself. You will stare at your daddy and when he looks at you you hide your face until he looks away. Then do it over and over again. You laugh so hard!

You have grown so much sweetheart! I love you with all of my heart... plus some! :)



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

I have not done a pinterest post in forever! Might as well. I only have about 4,000 pins. If you are questioning if I even have a real life after that, the answer is yes. I pin and take care of three kids. Beat that! ;)

It seriously might be a problem though. I have so many things I want to do but I don't ever actually do them due to the fact that I am on pinterest and don't have time. It's a vicious cycle.

Here goes:

I actually AM in the process of redoing the kitchen and we have done quite a bit to it already. I wish I could make it look JUST like this though. Love it.

My office/craft room is currently the complete opposite of the photo above. I hope to change that very soon.

I actually have the perfect laundry room for this. That means it will be happening. For sure. (Just like everything else that hasn't yet. HA!)

I want this bedroom. Actually I'll just take the entire house. It's gorgeous, but why am I so obsessed with white when I have three small children? I may be insane.

There are TONS of things I have planned for pallets. I just found out I have free access to some too. I can't wait to tell hubby. He will be so thrilled!

I need this wreath for the summer time. It's precious.

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

Paisley's chandelier in her room is gorgeous, but my baby girl needs this for summer time in the south for sure.

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

We must make these for our pool deck. I want SOME type of lounger and don't really want to spend $300 on some at Sams.... after all, we have a trip to save for! :)

See ya in May Luke..... ;)

I thought this was cute beacause.... well, you've seen my hair!

I just couldn't resist. :)

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Move It Monday: April 16, 2012

Move it Monday is back! I have decided that my computer time will be focused more on my blog from here on out. I love looking back on older posts and it reminds me why I wanted to start doing it in the first place. Here goes the first Move it Monday in a while...

Since New Years Day I have lost a total of.... drum roll.... THIRTY pounds! I am completely shocked. I still have quite a way to go but words cannot describe how this feels. Thirty pounds is a huge difference to the person that usually stops at five or ten. Especially when you are wearing jeans that you did not fit into for the entire year before I got pregnant with Paisley. WAHOO!

I have looked back at my list of rewards I posted about here. I have yet to go and buy myself some cute workout gear. I have not been to Victoria's Secret to get a super cute sweatsuit either. I figure it is too hot for one now and I will wait until Fall rolls around and maybe I'll be even smaller.... I DID score myself a pretty sweet water bottle though. It's a CamelBak. The kids got the same kind for baseball. I think my husband almost had a stroke when he saw how much I spent on three water bottles, but they are soooo worth it. I love my water bottle and take it everywhere I go. I literally do not leave the house without it. Mine is purple, my favorite color.

I have still been watching what I eat. I eat smaller portions at meals and snacks and have a TON of water. I do not deprive myself though. If we go to a family function or holiday celebration with cake, I eat a small piece instead of two pieces. If I have a craving for some of the kids Oreos (which is a lot less often than it was before), I eat two and feel so much better than if I would have tried to fight the feeling and ate way more than I should in the long run. This method seems to work MUCH better for me. We just planted our vegetable garden yesterday so I am excited to get cooking!

I do workout. When I can. If I miss a day, I do not beat myself up. While the boys are at school Paisley and I have enjoyed some great walks. She loves the outdoors so this is a perfect activity for us. We started c25k also. Gets the heart rate up. I am loving my jogging stroller more and more. Just keeping up with all three kids and their activities is a workout in itself.

I am going to be bold again and share some pics I am pretty proud of. It doesn't look like a huge difference, but I sure can tell.



Front and side views.


This was me in December of last year and then at the beginning of April.

I love this.

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Til next Monday...