Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lucas' Happenings :)

 My babies will be teenagers before I know it. I swear. The rate at which they grow amazes me. Lucas' teacher cut a piece of yarn on the first day of school measuring how tall each child was. This is his daddy holding it next to him. Crazy!

 My baby boy also got his very first trophy. It was for t-ball and we are proudly displaying it in his room. Time to put up a shelf daddy!

 Uncle Stacey really came through on a recent trip to the mud ride. Dennis Anderson had his truck "King Sling" there and we were unable to attend due to baseball games that day. Look what he brought Lucas! I think he has shown it to everyone he knows. His year has been made.

Slow down Lucas! :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Paisley is Nine Months Old!

 My sweet baby girl, you are now nine months old. My how time flies! (Actually, you turned nine months six days ago but I was waiting until your doctor appointment so I could update your stats). You are getting so big. I think you have hit a recent growth spurt. You weight 17 lbs 15 oz and are in the 45 % for weight. You are now 28 inches long and in the 70 % for height. You head is 43 cm and finally at least in the 25 %. That's an improvement from the 5 % last time. You are pretty much doing everything except walking. Literally. Nothing holds you back. You are very strong willed already. You love to eat. I am still making most of your baby food. You love sweet potatoes and bananas the best (just like always).

 Bath time is a favorite still.

You get yourself into the strangest positions. You aren't scared of a thing.

 Napping with daddy is still a big hit. Especially for him. It makes his evening.

 I am doing my best to make Ariel a favorite. Hence the outfit??! HA! You rocked it girl!

You eat like there is no tomorrow. Maybe you did hit a growth spurt. You see food and your eyes light up and you start making noises and licking your lips. It's hilarious.

 Climbing the stairs and fireplace is a new ting and I have to say, it FREAKS me out. So slow down, please. :)

Speaking of eyes, everyone you come into contact with makes a comment about those gorgeous baby blues.

You get your toes painted like mommy. You don't care too much for it. You are my only little girl and I hope that you stay as prissy as you are already.

You are totally into puffs. Eat them like crazy. The passy is also a permanent staple lately. I'm thinking we may do something about that soon...

 Summer time is here and you couldn't be happier. Outside is a favorite for you!

 Swimming is so exciting for you! You kick and splash and love every second!

 Loving your five dollar baby pool.

Baywatch has nothing on you!

You have grown so much it kills me. I cannot handle you getting much bigger. I love you so much and I feel so blessed to be your mommy. I am about to start planning your first birthday party. I cannot grasp that! You are just beautiful in every way.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Disney Jar!"

 As I previously announced here, we are taking the kids to Disney in a few months. We scored the free dining plan and couldn't pass it up. I am SO excited I could burst. All the kids know is that we really want to be able to take them there one day. They have no idea we are actually going. We plan to tell them the morning of. I'm pretty confident it will be the surprise of the century! Mom and Dad are getting huge points come fall!

Anyway, since we have been talking about rhe idea of everyone in the family wanting to go, we started a "Disney Jar". This was our best idea yet. The kids love it. Every penny they find they yell, "Disney Jar!" Hence the post title. Literally. It's quite awesome! This has also shown me how badly they actually want to go. I mean they were willing to put birthday money in there, (I totally didn't let them).

 I bought some scrapbook paper at our local Michaels. Two sheets on clearance for 20 cent apiece. Of course we went with a Disney themed paper.

 Here I go again with the old formula cans. A coffee can would work really well too. I washed it out and let it dry, then added the paper with mod podge in a matte finish. I trimmed the excess with my exacto knife.

Print a label to mod podge on top of the paper once it is dry and VOILA! You have a savings jar (well... can) for less then 50 cent. Can't beat it! This would work for any type of vacation fund.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: The Graduate

Pre-K Graduation

Last night we watched our sweet baby boy graduate from pre-k. We end this school year so very proud and very thankful that he was able to attend such an amazing program. We are very fortunate that we were able to send him to a faith based school and I am so happy he has enjoyed himself to the extent he did. He loves it. That may actually be an understatement. My sweet boy is getting so big...

Miss Priss was in attendance. She had on the most darling outfit and I had to post a picture.  She was pretty much awful during the performance though. Actually she was bad all night, HA! (If you can really classify a baby as being "bad").  At dinner afterward she dumped her daddy's entire tray of food in the floor and all over her white dress. AHH!

My sweetheart and I! I am such a proud mommy!

This is when her headband was actually on.

Walking in. He was a ham the entire time. Not afraid of a crowd apparently...

Lining up...

He led the pledge of allegiance. He pretty much screamed it! It was awesome!

"Flag of America, Red, White, and Blue. Flag of America, a salute I give to you!!"

 He did so good on the songs. Especially the ones where they signed. They worked so hard on this and it really showed.

 This was the part that made me cry. They sang a song while holding hands. It went "He ties our hearts together and friends we'll always be. We'll be friends forever: Jesus and you and me." I just cried typing that. It was so sweet.

Getting his diploma from his amazing teachers. They are truly special ladies.

 This gorgeous fountain is right outside the church. We had to make a picture with everyone that came! Here he is with Nana and Pawpaw...

Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Zach...

Mommy and Daddy...


Uncle Kenard...


...and our whole family.

Lucas, I am so extremely proud of everything that you are sweet boy. You are going to go so far in life. Everyone last night kept joking that you had a little "preacher" in you because of how well you did on stage. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for you. You will do wonderful things baby. I love you!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Paisley's Six Month DIY Photo Shoot!


We have been SUPER busy. That is actually an understatement. With two kids ending baseball and the school year coming to a close I have not sat down at all. Plus in the midst of it all, our computer messed up. I still am not one hundred percent sure what went wrong but we had a very smart and wonderful friend take a look at it for us and for now it is working again (knock on wood). I have missed blogging so bad!

These photos were actually taken almost three months ago. I had been meaning to post them for a while but had other things on my mind I guess. I am getting around to it now and that is all that matters! I took these myself and I am pretty darn proud. I forked out the big bucks for newborn photos and it just wasn't in our budget when it came to six months. So I gave it a shot and I am kind of glad I did. I just took them in the pasture at my Nanny and Pawpaw's house.

This one I actually took in their barn...

She looks super prissy right here. This captures her personality perfectly.

LOVE these little rolls!

Now for some outtakes! HA!

 This shows what a wonderful daddy he is. It started sprinkling and he held this over her so I could try and continue.

We were going for a cute Easter shot. Well, everyone but Paisley was going for it.

She is a diva already. She literally had a team following her around the pasture. Both of her brothers, both parents, her grandparents, her great grandparents, and her Aunt! What a high maintenance little thing! :)

I am going to attempt this again in about two weeks for some nine month photos. Hope they turn out this good!