Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

 Some is excited for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!

 Lucas dressed up for the party. Blake didn't want to. Too old I guess? Too cool is more like it. Lucas was a cowboy. We already had everything and I did not want to spend the money on another costume.

 I LOVE Captain Jack so he was the first person we got in line for. The boys love the Pirate's movies too. Paisley was not impressed. He told her he was going to steal her earrings?? Haha.

 I had to have my own picture made with him! Hehe. Hubby was rolling his eyes...

 Paisley wore the cutest little outfit. My mom ordered it for her birthday.

 While we waited for the parade to start Lucas met a friend and they provided some entertainment for the crowd.

 The headless horseman rides through to start the parade.

 This was by far our favorite parade of the entire trip. It is just great. The music and everything was wonderful!

 I love how there were so many characters out that are not out during normal hours. The villains were a favorite for us too.

 As soon as the parade ended we got a good spot for Hallowishes! Once again it was our favorite. We likes it better than any other fireworks. Amazing!

 This was my favorite part of our entire trip. Paisley is not the kind of baby to go to just anyone. She loved all of the characters on our trip (which surprised me in itself) but when she saw Cinderella it was amazing. She fell in love with her. She loved all over her and I am pretty sure that Cinderella loved it too. Just watching her lay her head on her and stare at her in amazement made my entire week. I think she thought she was for sure the most beautiful person she had ever met. The magic of Disney!! It pulled at my heart strings for sure.

 She gave her a kiss before we headed on to meet Snow White.

 For some reason she wouldn't go to her? The boys did though :)


 Lucas meeting his favorite Disney character. He loves Flynn Ryder (or Eugene).

 Paisley loved Rapunzel so much! Tangled is my go to movie for her when I need to keep her busy though. It is her absolute favorite movie. I have to say I am not complaining. I love it just as much as she does. Especially the lanterns scene.

Once we were done with Rapunzel we started to leave and when we were walking to the door Cinderella called Paisley's name and came running through everyone to hug her goodbye. I had tears in my eyes. Does that make me a freak?? HAHA.

Then we went back to the room. It was 11:30 and we were beat!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween!


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Amanda said...

I think this would have been my favorite too! I can't wait to take Finley Kate one day!