Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Disney Day 7 (Last Day): Magic Kingdom

 Well this was it. We had been at Disney an entire week and this was our last day. I decided we should make the best of it. The first thing we did was something that Lucas had been asking to do all week long: we walked through the castle.

This is Main Street view when you are standing in the door way of the castle.

 I love the beautiful pictures on the inside. We also saw the Bippity Boppity Boutique and decided that it is a must for Paisley on our next visit.

 We headed for Fantasyland and the boys tried to pull the sword out of the stone. Neither succeeded.

 The boys decided to goof off after another ride on the Haunted Mansion.

We did a rider swap on Splash Mountain. Lucas would not ride so he decided to hang out on the bridge.

The guys checked out Buzz' Space Ranger Spin...

 I stayed behind with this little chick...

 Lucas met Chip and Dale...

 Paisley and her daddy at Cinderella's fountain.

 Love what the Florida weather does to her hair. Mine- not so much.

 We had a quick ride on the magic carpets... which she loved.

 We made sure to catch the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade. It was one of my favorites!

This was a great moment! HAHA!

 Paisley was in awe over Cinderella again. (You'll see what I am talking about in my MNSSHP post tomorrow. I've been saving it for Halloween).

 It started rainging a little right after the parade so we found some shelter for about twenty minutes and when it was just drizzling we headed to meet Tink. I made hubs and the boys wait for 45 minutes to meet her. If Paisley was going to be her for Halloween then she HAD to meet her, right??

 We also met Perriwinkle. I had no clue who she was but I am sure as Paisley gets bigger we will have these movies.

 I just LOVE this statue. I mean who knew that all of this would come from a mouse? :)

The Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it dance party came through. Right up Lucas' alley.

Told ya!

 We made a quick stop on the way out at the Main Street Bakery. I had been eyeing it all week. It did not disappoint.

The last photo from our trip. I was so sad to leave. Makes me even more excited to plan another trip though. Hopefully it will happen sooner than later! I could seriously live there. I look like a princess right? Maybe they would give me a job...


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Whitney Dyer said...

I love all of your pictures and it reminds me of our Disney trip we took in the Summer of 2010. This was even before we had Peyton, so it was nice to go as adults. But I can't WAIT to take Peyton, especially to meet the princesses. My favorite is Cinderella and we are introducing her to Peyton, and she loves her too! Glad you had a great time!