Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Disney Day 5: Downtown Disney


 Did you make it through all of the pictures? I know I didn't summarize much but it was a pretty laid back day (for Disney). We slept in after attending Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party the previous night. I am saving that for a post closer to Halloween (my favorite night of the trip for sure).

 We ate breakfast at the food court and made our way back to our room for our swimsuits and made a day of it at the pool. We swam for a good while and then had lunch at the food court. After we ate I took Paisley to our room for a nap and the boys and hubby swam for a while longer. While she slept I rested and tried to straighten up the chaos that was our room at that point in the week.

 We eventually got ready and caught a bus over to Downtown Disney. We had reservations for The Rainforest Cafe at 6 pm for dinner. It wasn't bad but I do not think we will be having it on our next trip. After dinner we just walked and shopped and explored. It was actually very nice not having to hustle and stick to a schedule. I think this day or "rest" in the middle of the week was much needed and we will make it a priority if we go again.

 We finally headed back to the resort around 10 pm. It was time for some sleep so that we could get up and head straight to Epcot!


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