Friday, October 5, 2012

Disney Day Two: Animal Kingdom

On our second day at Disney, we headed over to the Animal Kingdom. I had heard that this was the quickest park to go through, so we planned our character meal for this day. None of us had ever been and we all loved it!

The Tree of Life is amazing! The detail is unbelievable!

 Hubs had to purchase a hat. I love that he was not embarrassed to run around in a Mickey hat. Ha!

One of the many gorgeous waterfalls. This park was so mice because almost the entire park was shaded. I loved that about it.

 The living tree. You couldn;t even tell until she opened her eyes. It was crazy and hilarious. She scared some people to death!

 We ate an early lunch at the Tusker House. Right before entering, we met Donald.

 Someone is so excited for her Mickey waffles! The kids have begged me to buy a waffle maker like this. I am considering it. Ha!

 I have to say, Paisley reall surprised me. She has a huge case of separation anxiety and will usually ONLY go to me. Even at family events where she knows averyone. So I thought there was no way she was meeting a character. She proved me wrong! And then some!

 Mickey led the kids in a conga line after our meals...

 Expedition Everest was our favorite ride in this park. Amazing!

 Someone stole his daddy's hat!

 We watched a show called the Festival of the Lion King and thought it was amazing! The kids got to be a part of the show. They walked around shaking some kind of little shaker instruments! They loved it!

The parade was awesome!

 We did a safari ride while we were there. Totally awesome and we WILL do it again.

We were done after that. It was one of the shorter park days we had while there. We took in some pool time and had dinner at the resort food court. We had the meal plan and it was amazing. They give you a ton of food!

Next up: Hollywood Studios!


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