Monday, October 22, 2012

Move It Monday

Not much to post about. I did exercise. Only on the treadmill and not really enough. I didn't want THAT great, but not that bad. All in all it was an okay week.

I did have a stomach bug this Friday. My fever was 101.4 and I felt AWFUL! I have no excuse for the first four days of the week but Friday and most of Saturday was a doozy!

Maybe I could have pushed a little farther this week. When this is how you feel after the week it is not a good thing:

I did download a new calorie counter app called My Calorie Counter Pro. I started using it and love it. I plan on tracking everything! Exercise too. I really wanna start a reward system for myself. A reward for each of my goals. I hope to have a goal/reward chart for my post next Monday. Actually, I will have one because I am making that my current goal. HA!

I also signed up for a 5K to try and add some more motivation. It's the Hot Chocolate 15/5K. I am so excited! My BFF Amanda signed up also and we cannot wait! It is in January so that buys me some time to get ready.



Amanda said...

I am very excited for our 5k!!! Keep working at it and soon it will be a habit!

Crazycurls said...

Even if it was a blah week, you still exercised! That's half the battle for me! Congrats on committing to a race!