Monday, October 8, 2012


I have posted numerous times about how I would love to be skinny. I would. There's no changing that. I feel like I am setting myself up for failure every time I say that. I mean, who expects to walk for a few weeks and drop six sizes?

New goal: Be fit. Be in shape. Be able to get in the yard and run around with my kids. Be able to have the energy to keep up with them. Maybe my problem all along has been that I am too focused on pouting about how I LOOK and not worrying about how I feel and how it may affect others.

My bestie over at The Williams Farm has totally motivated me. She is seriously dedicated now and loving it. I am loving that she is, because she sends me things like this:

 I really do love walking/running and I love the c25k program. I have an awesome free app on my phone. It seems that every time I get a day and get going on it though I never finish. I am seriously not making excuses but it is impossible to work out like I want to when I have all of the kids with me. My one year old is fine in a stroller but my five and eleven year olds are not so easy to walk with. Sure, a leisurely stroll is great but they are not very c25k motivated if you know what I mean... it's just impossible. Correction: WAS impossible.

I purchased this baby yesterday. It's not top of the market but she gets the job done. I just finished my first workout on it. I set it up in the hub's man cave. He is thrilled (HA)! I did it because there is a tv in there and I just know I will not feel so guilty about watching all of my tv addictions if I am on this baby!

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I still have several days worth of Disney pictures to post. This time of year I always have a lot to post about so here's to hoping the kids give me the time to get it done!



Amanda said...

So proud of you! I am so glad we can work on this together :) you can do this!

PS. I think you should track yor mileage and set mini goals. It has really motivated me ;)

Ashley said...

Having someone to motivate you is huge, glad you have each other! And hooray for a treadmill! I mean I loathe the things, unless I am just walking and watching TV. Then it is a-okay in my book. Why not burn a few calories while I watch trash, right?

Vanessa said...

Good for you! Having the tools you need to be successful will make all the difference!!

I am also looking for people to be motivational buddies blog is ..come visit!