Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat!

  I hope that everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! Last year was Paisley's first Halloween, but since she is big enough to (kind of) get it this year it felt like this was her first REAL Halloween. The boys had no trouble showing her how it is done. I wish we could do the themed costumes but I have such a hard time coming up with something. I guess it's hard to do when you have a middle schooler, kindergartner, and a toddler. They looked awesome though! Blake was Jason, Lucas was Super Mario, and Paisley was Tinkerbell.

  I love the look she is giving him in this picture! She is thinking "what the heck are you doing?" Haha!

 Now Mario is chasing Tinkerbell? Jason is a deer hunter?

 Paisley and her cousin Grace. They had a play date that morning and had such a great time!

 Sweet little Gracie!

 I like to call this picture Chaos! All the cousins together to trick or treat!

 Someone was happy to see her daddy!! She is all about him lately!

 Her ride for the night!

Trick or Treat! She ran to every door. It only took about three houses before she figured out that people were handing out food. Then she was sold!

Now it is officially time for Christmas, right? Hehe.


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