Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Paisley is Four Months Old!

Paisley you are four months old! This month has flown by faster than any so far with you. We have done so much this month it is crazy! We have enjoyed every experience we have had with you and look forward to many more to come.

We went to the doctor for your four month exam. You weighed 13 lb 6 oz. You are in the 85% for your height, 50% for your weight, and your itty bitty head is in the 5% range. At least you don't have a huge melon. If you turn out to have hair like me honey, it will take care of it for you.

This is a coat from your Nana and Pawpaw. You wore it on Christmas and looked precious in it. You looked like you were straight from Paris.

Speaking of Paris, you love Beauty and the Beast. You will watch it wide eyed in your bouncy seat when I am doing chores.

You don't look like this very often, but when you do you let the world know. Your lungs have definitely developed well.

You attended your first NFL game. We went to the Falcons vs the Jaguars. The Falcons won by a long shot. Maybe you were there good luck charm,

Sleepy head.

Your naps have gotten better and better. You depend on them, but that's okay because so do I.

We went back to church this month too. This is you that morning. Our music in service can be kind of loud but you did great. Up until the pastor started and I had to walk out with you. But that was okay because you quieted down and slept the rest of the service like a good girl.

You had your first Christmas tree in your room. We did a candy theme. It was precious.

We also put you in your Jenny Jump Up for the first time. I knew you wouldn't be bouncing just yet, but you sat in it and spun around and had a blast anyway.

You love to spend time in this carrier with your daddy whenever we go places now. I wore it to your brothers Christmas party at school and you didn't make a peep. This picture was at your very first Christmas parade.

You had a ball opening presents too. Nana and Pawpaw got you this car and you loved it so much. I knew it would come in handy since your brothers are about to start baseball again. We will be making lots of trips to the ball park and this beats a stroller every time.

This was the first time you saw out tree all lit up. Priceless.

You also had your first trip to the zoo. You weren't too into it just yet. Mainly you just slept in the stroller but you did ride the merry go round with some friends.

Still loving the bumbo... and Sofie...

You were absolutely previous in this Christmas dress. I had them put your monogram on it. I love little smocked dresses and I am sure you will wear lots more in the coming years...

You met Santa! How exciting!

Santa came to see you too. You can't play with very much just yet but soon enough you will be into all of this.

We took some Christmas pictures with your brothers.

You guys are my heart. My babies. My life.

Just look at how big you have gotten. It is getting to be a little much. I love you so much baby girl.


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Amanda said...

So precious! She is getting so big!