Monday, December 5, 2011

Move it Monday: Take One

This picture pretty much sums it up. As brutal as it sounds. I'm talking about me of course. I have struggled with my weight since right after I got married. I gained about 20 pounds right after marriage and was very unhappy with that. Now I WISH I weighed what I weighed then. I had my first baby on March 30, 2007. I gained probably a good 75 pounds during that pregnancy. A lot of it was fluid, I swelled terribly. I lost a good bit of weight after having him. Then I gained it all back. All of it. I think my problem was that I took a diet pill and once they were gone, my appetite returned full force. I will be the first to admit that I lack in the self control department when it comes to sweets. I just had my second baby in August and only gained 25-30 pounds this time around. I had lost all of that within the first three weeks of her life. Problem is, I was just as heavy when I got pregnant with her as I was when I had gained back ALL of that pregnancy weight from baby number one.

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This is me now. This picture was taken two days ago and it makes me a little sick. I have got to do something. Maybe this blog will help me do it? I sure hope so. Not for anyone but me. I really want more than anything to feel GOOD about myself. I don't want to mentally compare myself to all the skinny moms at the park...This is me at my bachelorette party. What in the world HAPPENED??! I would die to be that thin again.

This is my plan. I did a 5K two Christmases ago and was really into running/walking, but somehow stopped. I am not even quite sure how. It just happened.

I might post this in random places at our house. Bathroom mirror, fridge....

I absolutely love Jennifer Aniston. I know I am not in my 40's, but she is proof that being in shape has nothing to do with your age. Just because I am not 16 anymore is not an excuse. Just because I had two kids is not an excuse. She is in the best shape of her life.

I know it is the Christmas season right now and that dieting for anyone is pretty much a joke. I do not intend to call this a diet. I want to make a lifestyle change. As far as food goes I will substitute fruit instead of cookies or brownies. Sounds simple, but for Queen of the sweet tooth that is drastic. I like sweet tea and coke, but I drink water 98 % of the time. It is my favorite drink ever. You never feel gross after a big glass of ice water. That 2% of the time I was drinking tea and soda is out the window starting now.

I will do my best to post any progress or even just thoughts every Monday. Maybe it will be easier for me if I have somewhere to type what I am feeling so that I can go back and see how many changes are working... I guess we shall see!

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Mrs. Williams said...

I am so very excited you are doing this! Just so you know I have a walking buddy whenever you want one! You can do this!

Alyssa Hollis said...

Nicole you are a beautiful person inside and out. I know we really only know one another on facebook but from what I gatter from facebook you are an amazing person and an awesome mom! :)

Chappell of Love said...

Thanks Alyssa... that's very sweet :)