Friday, December 2, 2011

A Day of Spontaneity

Today was certainly not what I expected when I woke up this morning. Not in a bad way though. It's just considering that when we woke up it looked like this outside:

You wouldn't think we would wind up here:

Not in December. I mean it's almost Christmas for goodness sake, yet it was warm enough to go to the zoo. Not just go to the zoo, but go to the zoo with no coat, hat, or gloves.

The first time I took Lucas to the zoo he was right at a year old. That was the last time. It was the middle of the summer and a million degrees with a million people. Today was the exact opposite. You see, I'm not so sure that going to the zoo in December is the cool thing to do. Unless you're us. We ruled the zoo today. Epic win.

My princess on her very first trip to the zoo. We had it all to ourselves which made it much easier with the SEVEN kids we took. I think when people saw us coming with our three strollers and pack of wild animals they decided to move on to the next exhibit. This was fine with me as it left us with a great view of everything.

We went into the tropical bird exhibit. Pretty neat. Amanda joked that Blake looked like Ace Ventura. He was trying to get all the birds to land on him.

My two meerkats.

Hakuna Matata.

Lucas and Anna Beth. He LOVES her. They play so well and are the same age. He has always said he will marry her one day. Guess we'll see. HA. Too bad she has a crush on his older brother. That's okay. He has a girlfriend at school too. Oh, to be a four year old. The same four year old that informed me in the car that he did not "piss off Paisley." Maybe all he really reminded me of was to watch what I say more? SMH.

Okay, notice the sign to the right. I noticed it right after I took the pic. Can't read it? Look closer:


Sweet baby birds! I love this pic.

This was the highlight of the trip. A mama gorilla and her one year old baby. She was so protective. We watched her forever. She fed it, carried it, she even played peek-a-boo with it. Precious.

This guy put on a little show.

This is where we ended up. Then we proceeded to come home and fall out. All in all a fabulous day with fabulous people. Now going to rest for a weekend packed full of activities already. Joy.


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Mrs. Williams said...

Definitely a fun day! So glad we all could go :)