Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mini Tree Mania!

Every year we put mini trees in the kids rooms. This year I got to do a new one for Paisley's room and it was a candy theme. I had more fun doing it than any tree in the house. With so much testosterone I have craved this girly stuff for a while!

The snow babies that sit at the bottom are from my mom. She used to decorate with them but they look great beside her tree.

Her star is made of gumdrops. How precious!

You can see the pink, sequin tree skirt better here. The ornaments are gingerbread people, peppermints, mini sugar cookies, lollipops, and pink glitter balls.

This is Lucas' tree. His room is baseball themed (although he has been showing more interest in football- go figure). His ornaments are baseballs and footballs. The tree skirt looks like a big baseball and a simple gold star sits on top.

He also has a mini nativity at the bottom of the tree.

Lulu with his tree.

Blake's tree is awesome. His room is a hunting/fishing/cabin feel. His tree has a camo tree skirt and the topper is a fishing basket and pole.

The ornaments are different fishing lures, shotguns, and fish.

Blake and his tree. I begged for this pic. I have to beg a lot these days and that's why there are more pictures of the smaller kids... sigh.

On another note, our elf, Timmy, has been busy again. This time replacing the stockings...

He even put a diaper on in place of Paisley's stocking.

Lucas looks for him first thing every morning. Wonder where he will turn up next?

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