Monday, December 19, 2011

Falcons Rise Up!

Guess where we went?? Paisley attended her first Falcons game. Cagney was thrilled to take her. It's kind of funny that we haven't even taken the boys to a game yet and the first child we take is our only girl. She seriously love football though. Sometimes during the day if I need her to be still and let me fold laundry I will turn on ESPN. She watches it like a hawk. I think it is the colors moving around. She still isn't that interested in Nickelodeon or Disney yet. I'll keep trying... I really wouldn't mind a girly girl. :)

Her daddy bought her a pink Falcons jersey. She wore some black leggings with it and her sequined converse. Everyone had a fit over her and they were all in disbelief that she didn't make a peep the entire time we were there. She was amazingly well behaved for a three month old.

Kick off. The view from our seats.

Watching the game in daddy's lap. It was so funny to see him carry her around in her little pink jersey. He wore the baby carrier and wore it proud. Only a real man will feed their infant daughter a bottle in the middle of the Georgia Dome during an NFL game. Love him so much!

Of course he has high hopes that she will continue to love football. I told him she will probably be a cheerleader one day and he said he was fine with that. <3


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