Friday, December 9, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It's looking a lot like Christmas at the Chappell house. Pictures galore ahead- BEWARE! :)

I bought this cookie jar on Black Friday a few years ago and love it...

My mama gave me this cute little Santa this year. He used to be in her house.

Got this at Hobby Lobby for twelve bucks. Worth every penny.

I put the kids Santa picture and a cute little Christmas plate on the cabinet in our kitchen.

This was a Kirkland's find.

I made this wreath last year...

My burlap wreath I made. I also made one for fall that hangs from the mantle.

Love this picture I got at Kirklands. You can see Timmy popping out of the flowers here too.

Our tree. Cagney hates the topper. He says it looks like an alien trying to come out of it. What??! Is he blind? It's beautiful!!

My "light up" gifts. I traded my sister the snow man I used to have sitting in this spot for them.

The stocking were hung...

We have had this angel for about six years. She used to be on top of the tree.

Cagney's UGA Santa sits on an end table.

The kids Christmas books are in the living room for easy access.

I ordered this sign of of etsy this year. I LOVE it.

The deer are our only outdoor lights this year. We are slacking.

The nativity. I have a Willow Tree nativity on my wish list "one day." Sigh.

I think this is the most important decoration we have. No, I am certain of it. :)

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