Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Morning 2011

Santa came! Apparently my kids were good because he showed up! They were very excited!

Lucas' pile. He got a DSi, a bb gun, a fish tank, video games, a scooter, and a kite among a few other small things. Just what he asked for.

Paisley was too small to really ask for anything and honestly too small to play with anything, but we think this stuff will be so fun for her in the coming months. She got a Laugh and Learn house, a small kitchen, a tea set, holiday Barbie, and a few other little things.

Blake's pile. He got an iPod touch that he has been begging for months for, a skate board, helmet, some hunting stuff, and a docking station.

Running in to see what they got. It amazes me that Cag and I have to wake them up on Christmas morning. Lucas loves his sleep. When I was little I remember going down around three am and checking out everything. Not my kids, we woke them up around 7:30. Blake was already awake, but then again he always is!

Lucas checking out his stuff. Out of all that cool stuff he picked up the Monster Trucks first. Go figure.

Blake checking out all of his things.

Lucas looking at Bikini Bottom. He got a Sponge Bob themed tank. It now has fish in it and we will have a whole other post on that later.

Paisley was so cute. She just looked at all of her things. She was amazed.

She got some pearl earrings and plenty of nail polish in her stocking.

Blake reading his Ripley's book. His favorite gift we gave him.

Lucas and his favorite present from mom and dad: Cars 2 and matching house shoes.

Can you see him?

Paisley opening gifts from mommy and daddy.

The last gift they opened. Two small bags and each contained a monster truck. Hint: we are going to Monster Jam in two weeks! WooHoo! This always falls in January where we live so they usually get tickets for Christmas. Lucas can't wait!

That's not all. There is more Christmas stuff to come.


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