Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Festivities 2011

Our county holds a trick or treat village every year the Saturday before Halloween. This was our first time taking the kids. It was so cute and safe for them and they had a wonderful time.

Local businesses set up booths and hand out candy and information. Some were more creative than others. Some places even set up little haunted houses for the kids to go through (kid friendly of course). At this one in particular, you had to fish for your candy!

This one was my LEAST favorite. You had to pick a booger out of a giant nose and redeem your candy. Being I have two boys, this was probably their favorite. Nice.

Cute little place set up to take your kids pictures with a big pumpkin man. Paisley was not even phased by him. Maybe she will not be terrified of Santa like her brother was...

Then we headed to my parents for a dinner and a bonfire. Great time! Note to self: When you have three kids, do not stay out til 2 am. You WILL feel it the next day.


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