Sunday, November 27, 2011

Breakfast with Timmy

Look what we found on our table on Thanksgiving morning.

A certain someone came back...

TIMMY! He showed up o Thanksgiving morning and brought us breakfast. He brought us the cutest little Christmas plates, some donuts, hot chocolate, m&m's, and candy canes. He also brought a note from Santa. Lucas was very excited about that!

The kids look so excited don't they? They really were. You just can't tell it in this picture. HA! It was early on Thanksgiving morning.

Paisley was just glad to be a part of it all.

Eating his donuts. I swear, they were WAY more excited than they look!!

Good morning sunshine!!

After we ate, daddy read the Elf on the Shelf to everyone. Now we can't wait to find out where Timmy pops up day to day!

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Mrs. Williams said...

You take the best pictures! I really need a better camera!

Pam said...

Ah! What a great letter - and a great memory for the kids!