Friday, November 4, 2011

Random Kid Moments

~Lucas just put on a play for me entitled "The Vampire Diaries in a Jungle Far, Far Away." Starring Foghorn Leghorn. Wow.

Lucas (10-11-11):
Me: “Lucas pick up your drink you're spilling it everywhere.”
Lucas: “Mom, it’s four drops, don’t exaggerate.”

Blake (10-1-11):
Blake: “They must be a vegan.”
Nana: “Do you even know what that is?”
Blake: “Duh, it’s someone who was born a boy AND a girl.”

Lucas (10-15-11):
Me: “Baby I hope you stay this size forever.”
Lucas: “No mom, soon I have to grow to a big kid so I can watch Transformers. Then the next day I will grow to a man so I can watch man movies.”

Lucas (10-15-11):
Blake: “I want the smoked chicken and corn.”
Lucas: “Yeah mom, I want the smoked chicken and horse.”

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