Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Random November 2011

I am so glad to finally be blogging again! The computer crashed and has been in the shop for a while, but I picked it up yesterday and I am good to go! The only problem is that now, along with being SUPER busy with the holidays, I am behind on blogging. I may have to double post to catch up!
HOW CUTE ar these chunky thighs? How come nobody thinks they are cute on grown women? I tell ya, this chick can pull them off...
Showing her UGA pride for the GA vs Auburn game. Or can we even call that a game?? HAHA
Apparently, they were on a fishing trip. This basket has been a train, plane, car, truck, semi, boat... you name it. The hanger is the pishing pole, DUH!
I love this picture. She has two very proud bubbas!!
Look what Cagney bought! Well, I bought the glass. Isn't it cute?
Right before our first Thanksgiving dinner. Good pic of all three.

Someone loves sitting up. I started her in this a little early, but she loves it and is holding her head up strong, so oh well. Whatever works...

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