Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet 2011

Extreme picture overload ahead!!!

We started Trick or Treating with our pumpkin face quesadillas, like we do every year.

My little pirate. He was soooo cute if I do say so myself.

We lost the eye patch and bandana before trick or treating. He couldn't handle it. HA!

The two boys together.

Blake was a werewolf. Totally scary!!

Paisley was such a beautiful mermaid. She hated the costume though. I had no intention of making her wear it out, just for a few pictures.

See? She wasn't so happy.

Alan. He was so scared nobody would get it. Then when we got to town every other person wanted their picture made with him.

I just went as a girl from the eighties. Perfect hair, don't ya think?

My sister and brother-in-law went as a gorilla and a banana. All the kids loved hers, they kept shouting "Peanut butter jelly time!"

King Kong and a baby??

Family portrait. This one is going in the living room... NOT!

My mother-in-law was a witch!

Starting to trick or treat. I love how Paisley is looking at Blake. She's like, "what the heck??!"

What she did the majority of the time.

We ran into our neighbor Evan.

The End. I have to say, I love Halloween, but I am so so happy to see Christmas nearing closer and closer... just finished taking down Halloween stuff and thinking we are going to watch The Polar Express for the first time this year. :)


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