Monday, November 7, 2011

Lucas' First Field Trip

Lucas had his first ever school field trip! He was so excited when he brought the forms home. They went to a local pumpkin patch. I know they all had a blast. He slept the entire way home.

They were watching a calf drink from a bottle. I took a ton of pictures but out of respect for other parents, didn't want to post pictures of the other kids faces.

He was about to feed some chickens. This was pretty much all he got to do in the petting zoo due to his allergies. Poor kid.

We went on a hay ride. When we got in the middle of the pasture, the cows surrounded us wanting some hay. Looks like they've seen this drill before. They were lined all the way up and down both sides.

The line of cows after we pulled off.

Each kid got a baby pumpkin.

Having a blast with his buddies on the slide.

The kids sang us a few songs and put on a little show. It was so cute.

I told Cagney that instead of dropping a ton of money on outdoor toys, we should just sit out some hay bails in a maze. They played on this more than anything else there. I had to threaten Lucas to get him to the car...

Told ya.

My sweet boy posing for me.

This is what little sister did most of the time.

He has another field trip at the end of the month. This time they are going to the movies. He is excited already!! :)


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