Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random Happenings

How sweet is this?? That has got to be the girliest cousin Eddie outfit there is!! HA! These pj's and this hat are soo cute. Not too many hats fit her pea sized head. It's so tiny.

Yay for cute shoes!

They make a certain someone very happy!

(See that dimple?? Comes from her daddy).

Someone had her first taste of rice cereal and loved it so much she fell asleep eating it. Her daddy was holding her. Would've put her in her bouncy, but it was occupied...

...by her brother's newest obsession. It was the one Cag used for his Halloween costume. I took Paisley's onesie off it and he was beyond mad that it was naked. So he put his pajama pants on it.

Then he had a party on the stairs.


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