Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Carving of 2011

We carved our pumpkins on Sunday. Cagney does it with them every year and I sit and watch him! He gets so aggravated because he likes to be a perfectionist. But don't we all? Check out Blake's reaction to the pumpkin guts!

He picked a grim reaper for Cagney to carve. He wanted a haunted house that had a thousand tiny windows and Cag said NO WAY.

I love the look on Lucas' face when he first felt the goo...

His favorite part was cleaning the inside out. Such a boy.

While they cleaned and carved, I held Paisley and she snoozed til it was her turn.

Lucas picked two happy ghosts. He said they weren't too scary.

Ew daddy, this stuff feels gross. I am a girly girl already, you know this! HAHA!

By the time he was done with hers she was out again. We did a "P" in the center (which as you can see was an epic fail), and did her hands on either side of it. Not bad for her first pumpkin!

The pumpkins all lit up.

All three on display. Cagney said we can never have another kid because then he would have to carve four of these and that is just not happening! Love his reasoning, lol.

Everyone with their pumpkins. We carved them four days ago and are already about to throw them out. It should not be 75 degrees every day this late in October! It makes the pumpkins rot faster!


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