Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lucas' Thanksgiving Party!

Lucas had a Thanksgiving Family Feast at school. The kids sang some cute little songs to us in the sanctuary. It was precious. Cagney was able to leave work and come. That made Lucas' day. He waved the entire performance.

My camera wasn't doing such a great job taking pictures during their performance.

Paisley was showing her support for her bog brother. Dressed in her Gobble Gobble outfit.

They had a whole meal for us. Lucas didn't want to eat though, he was too excited with everything else going on.

They made the cutest little place mats. Each kid put on theirs what they were thankful for. Lucas said: Mama, Daddy, Blake, Paisley, and Cat. Cat?? The one we DON'T have. LOL he cracks me up!! :)

Here is a video I made of Lucas singing his Thanksgiving songs he heard at school. We took video of the performance, but you can understand this much better:


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