Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall so far in phone pics!

Every year we go to a local arts and crafts festival. The kids love it and it pretty much marks the beginning of fall around these parts. Lucas had to get a monster truck painted on his face of course, due to the obsession.

Paisley got a new dress at one of the booths there. Gotta support those Dawgs!

See what I mean? This is how we dress every Saturday pretty much! This is her other dress.

So my husband pretty much gripes at me every time I go to the store for buying her something. We bought her this mermaid (just because I love me some mermaids) at WalMart and he told me to put it up for Christmas. So the next morning when I was cleaning the kitchen I heard him playing with her in the floor and guess what they had? Hey daddy, whipped much??

This pretty much happens every Saturday and Sunday morning around here. <3

Jut a recommendation (not that anyone cares, lol), but this coffee is AH-mazing! We bought it on a whim this weekend. Totally treating ourselves to it from now on!


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