Friday, October 14, 2011

Signs of Halloween are popping up...

When we noticed that the leaves were starting to look oh so beautiful like this, we knew it was time to pull out the Halloween decor! Lucas was my little helper. He loves looking at seasonal decor too, like his mommy! HA!

He helped me pick out our scarecrows for this year. He named them Zing and Zang. Don't ask, he has a thing for naming things.

Zing has the pig tails and Zang wears a hat.

I've had these little signs for four years now. I got them at Old Time Pottery, which sadly, closed last year. :( Garden Ridge is there now, but Old Time Pottery was so much cheaper!

These little signs came from there also. They have held up for a while.

I just bought this sign this year at Hobby Lobby (aka- my fave place EVER). My sister has a matching one, but hers says "Welcome to our Patch".

Ignore my reflection. This is the new storm door my hubby installed for me recently. LOVE it. A screen pulls down half way and we have loved feeling the autumn breeze all day. Yesterday it rained and we let the screen down and just listened. Reminded me of sitting on my Nanny's screen porch when I was little with all my cousins. Every time it rained she wrapped us all up like burritos and we all would lie out there giggling and listening to the rain on the tin roof. This always resulted in us falling asleep. Now that I think of it, this is probably why she did it so much!

Got this sign at Michaels craft store the other day. Had to have it, it describes this place perfectly!

Little table Lucas and I threw all the extra stuff on when we couldn't find a place for it.

My fall wreath. I got it at WalMart. Better Homes and Gardens. Can't beat it.

The entry table. Cute little jack-o-lantern from Kirklands. He's new. :)

Another shot. See my pretty picture window?

The mantle. It looked ten times better last year. I put a lot of effort into it though (last year). This year, I have had my hands full adjusting to raising three kids instead of two, which I can say is a HUGE adjustment!

Left side of the fire place.

Right side. Looks like someone got a little carried away with the markers...

Another mantle shot...

My cute little spider pumpkin, an adorable picture of the boys, and candy corn pumpkins.

Got the haunted house for 25 cent at a yard sale last year. So cute. These are pics from two Halloweens ago. My two little vampires.

The cabinet in the kitchen has a cauldron, some potions, and a spooky menu. Also the best smelling candle in the world. Yankee Candle Apple Pumpkin. Light this baby ever day! Complete with Miss Priss' birth announcement!

Got to go finish costumes. I'm going to have a pirate and a mermaid this year... how exciting! I love for kids to coordinate with eachother.


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Anna said...

Hi, I love the pics of your new baby girl and boys!! Cute little family! Hope all is well!