Friday, October 21, 2011

Caramel Apples

Last might the boys and I made caramel apples. Yep, we did it the lazy way. No homemade stuff for us. I did this with two kids and while watching a two month old, so I think I did okay to even do this! HA!

Lucas is demonstrating wrapping the caramel around his apples. This was so easy and mess free. My kind of deal.

Ready to bake them.

Now Blake is making his. They made five each.

Pop them in the oven for ten minutes and VOILA!

Paisley thought the boys were so funny.

She is well entertained.

So proud of their job well done.

Ready to chow down!

Mmmm... I think we have a new favorite!

It kept getting stuck in their teeth.

We have more fall activities planned for the next two weekends. I can't wait! :)


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