Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fair 2011

This weekend, we loaded up and headed to the North Georgia State Fair. We take the kids every year and they love it. Cag and I love to go and people watch. SUCH a blast, lol. Some of the people you see at the fair are... interesting. Is that the word? HA! Anyway, it was Paisley's first trip of course. She slept the whole entire time! (Can you spot Blake on the pirate ship above)?

Baby girl in her stroller, sleeping peacefully. Something about crowded places makes her sleep. I mean sleep good too. Maybe she just shuts down so she doesn't have to deal with everything? Wish I could do that sometimes! She was so good!

Lucas had a fit to ride this slide. He was literally a quarter inch away from being able to ride alone and they insisted that an adult accompany him. My husband was standing with the other two kids thirty feet away watching. The deal was, HE was supposed to ride with him, but I had to go when people started huffing about me holding up the line. He was kind enough to snap a pic... eh. Good thing I went, because after all my begging and pleading to let him go alone, he freaked at the top and I had to force him down.

Blake rode the swings.

The two kids didn't ride anything together this year. Guess it's the age difference. Six years. So we just took turns letting them pick.

Blake didn't want to go alone on the roller coaster and my hubby is a pansy when it comes to rides, so I went. (I secretly wanted to anyway, worked out in my favor). hehe

My sweet boys after having a funnel cake. It started to get chilly around this time, hence the hoods. We tried to hurry after this. I didn't want to have a six week old in the cool weather.

Lucas insisted on the train. I know he is four, but this looked like the most boring ride at the whole place. I tried talking him ut of it and I used the excuse that it was lame. Does that make me a bad mom? There were so many other cool things for his age. Oh well!

Like the motorcycles!

Complete with wheely popping capabilities!! Woohoo!

Best picture of the night, and the last one I took. This picture describes exactly how he feels about her. I am so lucky he is the father of my children...


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