Monday, December 3, 2012

Week in iPhone Pics...

This week sucked. Four out of five of us had the flu. It started with me, which is crazy because I am sick the least in this house, and made it's way to Paisley, then Lucas, and finally the hubs. Blake must have an amazing immune system!
I have decided a Move it Monday post is out of the question since I am still hacking up a lung over here (which makes me so excited that I have a 5k on Saturday... Yay). This sums up our week and let me warn you: it's a little exciting! Is my sarcasm showing?

 Two sick babies...

 Timmy turned our milk green! Crazy guy!

We had homemade vegetable soup since we were so sick!

 This was the scene during the SEC Championship at our house Saturday...

 Such a sick little girl. She broke my heart.

Timmy was at it again.

I am so glad this sickness is for the most part gone. We all feel much better. Lucas scared me because on Saturday night his fever got up to 105. We almost went to the ER but I got it to go way down finally. He shared a bed with me that night. Hopefully we can get it in gear with the Christmas spirit now!

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