Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas List 2012

It has been kind of hard to shop this year. The kids have not offered that many ideas honestly. I think you will see a pattern for each child. 

I just wanted to document some of the things they wanted in 2012. It will be fun to look back.


Kid Kraft Retro Pink kitchen. I am most excited about this and the great deal I got on it!

I have been dying to see this movie. Cannot wait for her to unwrap it. 

Little People Disney Princess castle. My mom got this for her. I am excited about this as well. We love some  Disney princesses!

Paisley got all of the My First Disney Princess babies for her birthday except Rapunzel. That is her favorite movie so I figured she had to have her too.

I can't seem to find the picture of the exact Minnie Mouse pillow pet we got. I bought it in October at Hallmark. It's classic Minnie and absolutely precious!


Youth .243 rifle. He is seriously into hunting more than anything. He loves outdoor activities. He has been asking for one for a few years and we decided he is ready. Of course this will be locked away unless he is being supervised by someone with experience. He will be so excited!

Lucas is actually getting one of these as well. They both love to fish so they will be excited.

Have not bought these yet. He wanted Under Armour ones but I just cannot find them in his size, even online. If anyone knows where I can get UA ones in a size 6 let me know! If not I will be buying some Nikes.

He is obsessed with the Robertsons. Enough said.

I don't think I know a male over the age of 8 that doesn't want this game.


Number one on his list. Imaginext bat cave. This was his "I have to have it" toy. The only one he has asked for every single day.

A board game may seem boring to some, but my little boy is loving learning to read and spell. This is perfect for him.

His new favorite thing is super heroes. We have redboxed this movie so many times it's not even funny. 

Avengers action figures. They talk. He loves them.

Last one. A bike? I put a question mark because we have not purchased it yet and now the hubs is debating if we should get him this or a super cool remote control Hummer than is HUGE. We shall see.

Just in case you are looking for some gift ideas for some of the kiddos in your life, my kids ages are fifteen months, five, and eleven.

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Whitney Dyer said...

Peyton is getting the Disney Castle too! She loves Cinderella, so I need to find her the Cinderella baby doll!