Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bits & Pieces

I have news: We are all better and well again! WOOHOO! My sweet girl had the hardest time getting over this mess and actually developed a double ear infection. But we are on antibiotics now and she is feeling like her happy little self again!

Timmy has been extra mischavious lately. He turned our milk green a few nights ago!
 A fews other guys around the house have been a little tired of his antics.

 We tried some new food. I am ashamed to say that I have never had an avacado. We bought some and Paisley and I had some for lunch one day. Add this to the list of foods she loves. She ate about 75% of it and that's pretty good for my little busy body these days.

My sweet little bright eyes!

 Some books on my night stand...

 We ordered this book from Amazon. We obviously wish we had more land and room for our garden and some chickens and other animals. The kids love it too. The pictures are so happy.

 Chicken coop ideas!

 I ordered this from eBay for the kids and they love it. Cost me a whole dollar. I am in love with these Little Golden books, they are so sweet. The illustations are so vibrant. They were happy to add it to their Christmas book basket.

Maybe after this weekend I will actually have something to blog about. It just hasn't been very exciting being trapped in the house amongst the sickness!


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