Monday, December 10, 2012

Move it Monday: Sleighbells on the Square 5k

I am linking up with Ashley at The Domestic Wannabe for Move it Monday:

Well, I did it. I completed another 5k this past Saturday. I am still a little sore but nothing compared to yesterday. I did manage to get some lovely shin splints and I am looking into some compression sleeves as we speak. Amanda did the race as well and she did an amazing job! She surpassed her goal by far and I am so proud of her! Way to go girl!

I had set a goal for myself to finish in 45 minutes or less. I finished my first 5k with no preparation at right around 53 minutes. I had successfully completed the c25k program through week 4, which is not that far at all when you go to run an actual 5k. Especially when your treadmill does not have an incline setting at all. We DID have the flu and I have not trained very hard in the last two weeks due to that. BUT I am a firm believer in no excuses (I just wanted to lead up to the actual race).

I think I may have started out a little too fast. I am going to have to work on setting my pace for sure. I ran the entire first mile and I was then forced to slow down due to a coughing fit. :( The poor, sweet woman that had been steadily in front of me was kind enough to slow down around 1.3 miles and hand me a piece of gum. Bless her heart.

I also want to make sure that I make a better play list before our next race (which is January 15th). I set my phone on shuffle when the race started and let's just say that it is not very motivating to listen to Michael Buble's Christmas album when you are trying to motivate yourself to get up that hill! HA!

I am sad to say that I walked more than I would have liked to due to my lingering cough from being sick but I knew going into it that I was not far enough along to run the entire race anyway. I finally rounded the corner and saw the finish line (which was up hill btw) but I pushed myself to run all the way through it. My official time was 45:19. Not quite 45 or under but that 19 seconds doesn't really bother me.

It doesn't bother me at all actually. It doesn't bother me because I know I lapped everybody that was in bed that morning sleeping in. I did that race for me and I am proud to say that I was even able to complete a 3.2 mile race.

I am definitely loving that. I have been sore and let me tell you, that is the best feeling ever!

Amanda and I rode together but we met up with a few other girls also.

I am very excited for our race in January now. I hope to prepare myself more for the next one (Flu: STAY AWAY)!


Crazycurls said...

Congrats! Its so motivating to read your blog as well as Amanda's. It's encouraging that you are real women getting the running bug like me. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I can't wait to do my first 5K in the spring.

Amanda said...

Great post! I am so proud of you and you did a great job! Now we have to get ready for the next one! Can't wait :)