Monday, December 17, 2012

Lucas' Kindergarten Christmas Party

 My sweet little boy had his school Christmas party on Friday. We walked into the class to see about 20 little Rudolph's smiling at us. It made my heart so happy. He is such a ball of joy all the time!

 He was so excited that I brought his sister. I did not bring her to the Halloween or Thanksgiving parties. She is VERY active so I expected her to be a mess and into everything the entire time but she did amazing for me.

 We had lots of yummy treats.

 The kids did a dance to Jingle Bells. It was so funny! They also sang Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Lucas totally lip synced but when it came time to dance he was all over it. That boy can move! I left my phone in the car, which makes me so sad because I would have loved to have video. My camera is great but does not have this option unfortunately.

 I love that I am so easily able to attend things like this. I am so blessed to be able to have this time with my babies. It is the most important thing in the world. I will never get this time back.

That said... I was going to post this on Friday afternoon when I got home. After turning on the news I found it impossible to do so. The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting have hit all of us very hard. As a parent I cannot fathom what it must have felt like to sit and wait to see if my child was going to walk out or not. I cannot imagine the immense grief that these people are feeling. The teachers that were so heroic... My child loves school so much and would never once leave in the morning thinking that he was in danger. It should be a safe haven. Never could I imagine sending my child to school so excited for recess and to see their friends only to not be able to pick them up that day.

There is nothing we can do as individuals to take away any of the grief and pain that these people are feeling. What we can do is pray. Pray HARD. We can let them know that we feel deeply for them. We can do everything humanly possible to show compassion. On a daily basis. Sometimes all it takes is making eye contact and a smile. What if we all made efforts to do one small act of kindness a day for a stranger? Maybe holding the door and saying good morning. All I know is that heaven gained some beautiful angels on Friday morning. I hope these families can feel even the slightest bit of comfort knowing that these children are not afraid anymore. They are more than at peace with Jesus Himself. I know that he welcomed them with open arms and they were immediately comforted. Let's all take a little peace in that...

...and pray.



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