Friday, December 21, 2012

Bits & Pieces

 Lucas gave his teachers Starbuck's gift cards for Christmas. We put some tissue paper into empty cups along with the cards, then attached this cute little printable that we found on pinterest.

 Sibling love!

 Someone enjoyed her first Hershey kiss...

Someone else begs for hot chocolate in his Santa cup all the time...

 This little lady got all dressed up for her bubba's Christmas party at school.

The tights were her favorite part, as she pointed to them over and over and said "Ooo wee!"

Paisley and I headed out on Wednesday and got all of the groceries that we needed through Christmas and finished up the shopping. The kids last day of school before Christmas was yesterday so today we have wrapped almost all of our presents and made some cookies. We are about to go get crafty with some ornaments and make some more cookies and a cake. Tomorrow we have a FULL day planned so we are trying to get as much done as possible!!


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