Friday, November 2, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Fun!

 What is fall without some pumpkin carving? I was freezing all weekend but we braved it on the back porch anyway. The wind was ridiculous!

 My three babies were watching daddy carve as usual! They scoop and daddy carves. Daddy was so thrilled to do this again! He just loves it (NOT)! He likes to see them excited but says that I should carve since I am craftier than him. Um, NO!

 Scooping out the seeds!

 Someone got into their Mario stuff a little early...

 Lucas chose the Avengers logo (this is a BRAND new obsession. So new that he changed his mind Halloween morning and decided he was going to be Iron Man. Yeah kid, maybe next year).

Blake chose the Browning logo. It fits him!

 The pumpkins all lit up!

The above pumpkin belongs to Miss Priss of course. Daddy just carved a window for Cinderella and we were set!

Now I am on to find some Christmas crafts!


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