Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving was a huge blessing this year as it is every year. We got to see many family and friends that we love dearly. I did not take very many pictures at the lunch or dinner we went to, but I did manage to snap some of the kiddos in all of their preciousness!

 I did my best to snap some pics of my littles running around. Paisley is super fast. Seriously.

It is very hard to photograph Lucas without Perry and Paisley without a cup.

 I ordered her outfit from a sweet smocked boutique on facebook.

 My handsome man in his new "Thanksgiving" shirt. I got both of the boys some shirts from Crazy 8. They just added one to our mall not that long ago and I like it pretty good.. It is kind of a hit or miss for me honestly. We went in at midnight and I did not see a thing? That's okay because Amanda and I cleaned out Gap Kids. My new obsession for little clothes.

 Such a little busy body!

 I did my best to snap a decent pic of all three kids. I got two that I consider to be good. You can see them below:

I am still working hard to figure out my camera settings. I am pretty proud of myself considering that I have just started shooting without it being in auto mode.

I have to keep it real though. I got three decent pictures and fifty or so like this:

 I am most thankful for these babies. They make my life.

 Paisley has been talking up a storm lately. Her newest words are: baby, puppy, Sheshee (Chelsea- my sister), and kitty cat (or "kikat). In the photo above she is saying, "See it? See?" She constantly has that little finger pointed and repeats those words nonstop. Every time I try to video her she shuts up immediately? Maybe soon...

This last picture is just because I love her curls so much!

Of course as soon as the family festivities were over we headed to shop til we dropped!

We hit up Target first. I didn't have anything that I really wanted to get except some board games (Scrabble anyone?) and an $8 waffle iron. I did score the movie Brave for $10 and some precious tutus for Paisley for $3 each. Amanda and I always go together. I guess we mainly went just because it is tradition... :)

Had to make a quick pit stop before heading to Sears...

 ... where we totally checked out the Kardashian Kollection. Don't judge!

This was a tiny fraction of the crowd waiting for them to open the door to the mall at midnight. Yes- a stampede did happen. I lived through it and have tons of sweet kiddie clothes to prove it!

I am off to catch up on the dvr with my husband. We are headed to visit Santa tomorrow afternoon after the Georgia- Georgia Tech game. Pics to follow!


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